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HMA ! Pro vpn Key License For 3 Years-Till 2019

What's a VPN?
Your key to online privacy.
A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that encrypts your Internet connection and hides your location to give you total online privacy.
Our trusted sidekicks at have simplified this technology, once used by only large corporations, into a one-click app that anyone can use. 
HideMyAss is a big-name Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider. Within the VPN industry, however, HideMyAss (HMA) has a poor reputation. This is largely down to a history of it handing the extensive logs it keeps on customers over to the authorities, but it is also plagued by consumer dissatisfaction with the quality of the service provided.
There is also no getting away from the fact that the service is very feature-light.
What HideMyAss does have going for it, however, is a huge number of servers located in just about every country imaginable. No other VPN company has anything like this scale of network.
This makes HideMyAss a compelling proposition for the limited subset of VPN users who might need either access to a huge range of VPN sever locations, or access to a VPN server in a country that only HMA serves.
HideMyAss Pricing and Plans
HideMyAss has slightly increased its prices since last time we reviewed it. It offers one simple “all-in” plan, which now starts at $11.52 per month. This price goes down for six or 12-month subscriptions, dropping to $6.56 per month for the annual subscription.
At time of writing, a summer sale is underway. This provides savings of up to 56% (annual subscription) on the prices listed above.
A 30-day money back guarantee is available, but there are important restrictions on this. Most notably, you may not exceed 10GB of bandwidth. It is worth noting that this guarantee does not cover purchases made via Google Play or iTunes. Please also see the comments section beneath this review, as many readers report not receiving a refund to which they felt entitled.

Please also be aware that auto-renewal of subscriptions is enabled by default, and must be manually changed via the online account control panel.

Payment is via credit/debit card, PayPal, iDEAL, bank/wire transfer, UnionPay and SOFORT banking. No Bitcoin payment option is available, but then HMA is not a service to use if privacy matters to you anyway.
HideMyAss VPN Features
A HideMyAss subscription offers the following features:
720+ VPN servers in 320+ locations in 190+ countries
Two simultaneous connections
Supports OpenVPN, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) VPN protocols

30-day money-back guarantee (but with important limits)
That is an impressive number of server locations, and they are scattered all over the world. This includes exotic locations such as the Falkland Islands, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Serbia, and many more.
HMA otherwise offers a very feature-light service, and the two simultaneous connections is miserly.
HideMyAss is infamous within the security community for handing over data on its customers to the police.
The most well-known incident occurred in 2011, when HMA handed over internet records and personal details of one of its customers, Cody Kretsinger, to the police. Kretsinger was a LulzSec member accused of hacking the Sony Pictures website, and received a prison sentence for his involvement in the crime.

A similar incident also occurred last year in Galveston County, Texas, when a disgraced judge was arrested and forced out of office for harassing an ex-girlfriend. The culprit had hidden his real IP address using the HideMyAss VPN service, which the provider clearly must have handed over as evidence to Texas police.
Although now owned by Czech company Avast Software, HMA is a UK-based service. The UK now has the most draconian surveillance laws in the world.
Even before the Investigatory Powers Act “formalised” the situation into law, UK VPN providers were required to maintain detailed connection (metadata) logs. These are readily accessible to the police and a vast array of government agencies. According to HideMyAss’ privacy policy,
“We will store a time stamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the amount data transmitted (up- and download) during your session together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.”
As we can see from the incidents noted above, this is more than enough logging to get you into trouble if you do something wrong. HMA says that logs are usually kept for two to three months, but the new Investigatory Powers Act legally requires that logs are kept for at least 12 months.
Peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting
HMA permits legal torrenting, but not downloading copyrighted material. HMA says that if it receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint or similar, it will not hand over your identity. Repeated complaints, however, may lead to your account being suspended.
Anecdotally, I have heard reports from HMA users who have received warnings over copyright offences from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or copyright holders after using the VPN to torrent with.
HideMyAss VPN
Company: Privax LTD (UK)
Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec
Servers: 940 VPN Servers in 221 Countries
Regular Price: $11.52 / Monthly

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