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Alfa eBooks Manager Pro License Key 2018

Just like music lovers, dedicated book readers would love to keep their books organized. Instead of manually organizing the books, you can take advantage of available EBook managers. Case in point is the Alfa EBooks Manager Premium. Not only is this program useful to individuals, but also to business libraries and clubs. Here is my take on this EBooks manager Pro.
Alfa Ebooks Manager is a powerful and easy to use eBook Library management software. It is an ideal tool for by book-lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries.
Alfa eBook Manager Review:
Alfa EBooks Manager Premium at a glance
This eBooks manager is easy to install whereby in this giveaway you have to open the compressed file to find the executable file for the installation. When you fire up the manager for the first time, you will have the option to create your new library or continue to an existing one. Either way, the main interface that follows has a decent collection of options at your disposal to start your management tasks.
Easy to use
Getting started with Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium is a pretty easy process. One can opt to scan a specified location on their computer for ebooks. On the other hand, there is the long way of adding books or pdfs manually. The option is easy to use. Although the options are quite many, their arrangement makes it easy to use.
Intuitive 3D Flipbook reader
This option let you read your eBooks like you would hardcopies. The animation makes it interesting. To move the book around, you just need to right-click and hold as you drag. In case you want to open a specific page, just type the same at the top-left pager option and press the return key.
Subtle statistics bar
As you add eBooks and PDF files into Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium, it will display a rather helpful statistics for your use. This information is available at the bottom right side of the main window. It shows the number of authors, genres, publishers, and tags that the program has registered so far.
Impressive search option
For large book libraries, finding a specific eBook could prove challenging. Thankfully, this manager has the search features that will make it easy for you find the book you want within the shortest time possible. In addition to just typing a string of letters into the search bar, you can fine-tune the search results by date, genre, format, or last edit.
It is a feature-limited version
Although this giveaway comes with built-in registration, it still lacks some features that the pro version presents. For instance, does not allow you to convert your ebooks into different formats using the eBook converter feature. The other features that did not work in this version are the File Parser and Edit Books.
Although this manager has a number of reading modes, the reader does not have an option to let you search for specific words.
Alfa Ebooks Manager Premium will save you from your ebooks management nightmare. Apart from making it easy to scan for eBooks on your computer and adding them manually, this manager further lets you tag them for advanced arrangement approaches. Finding any book using this manager is simple, efficient and reliable. It worth a try.
Alfa ebooks Manager Pro Download : Alfa_eBooks_Manager_Basic_hub.exeDIRECTIONS
The download link for Alfa eBooks Manager Basic is given to you above. The download is an exclusive SharewareOnSale installer with registration built-in. Download and install Alfa eBooks Manager Basic. After install, run Alfa eBooks Manager Basic and enjoy! There is no need to register it, as we register it automatically for you once you download from us.
Please note while this is a pre-registered download, you will still see "Enter License Key" under "Help". This does NOT mean that your download is not registered. This option is for people who want to activate a different edition of Alfa eBooks Manager. You can confirm your download is registered by going to HELP ->
ABOUT; there it should say ALFA EBOOKS MANAGER BASIC. If it says that, then your download is registered. If it says ALFA EBOOKS MANAGER FREE, then that means your download isn't registered.
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