Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Top 20 Countries Best Prepared Against Cyberattacks

Internet Day celebrates the origin of the very first internet transmission ever sent, and from it the utterly world-changing series of events that followed. People are able to video conference from around the world, and the information is stored and transmitted at unbelievable rates between computers and friends and family. Enhanced Reality is becoming a reality, with Digital Overlays available for real world things, seamlessly combining the world of the internet with the one we walk around in every day.

Hard to believe that the first internet transmission was sent just months after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. The internet is already slightly extra-terrestrial, with video and communication available to the astronauts and space stations circling in low-earth orbit.

Cyberattacks  map

Through this day, awareness of the crimes associated with the use of the Internet, such as the sexual exploitation of children and women in particular, as well as cyber crime(Black hat Hackers), the importance of protecting privacy, alerting to dangerous employment situations and legal consequences is also being raised in the development of appropriate ethical and behavioral standards and systems Powerful tool.

This Safe Internet Day was first launched in 2004 by an initiative of the European Union and the European Organization for Internet Awareness and interested in relevant issues.

On the occasion of this day, a collection of statistics and a set of reports on the Internet and the challenges it faces are identified. Among these reports is a list of the countries most prepared to face cyber attacks. The following is a list cyber security country rankings. India is ranked in the list:
Countries Best Prepared Against Cyberattacks
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