Thursday, February 1, 2018

Free VPS For Download and Upload Files | 900 MB per second

Hello Readers How Are you All!Check My Previous Post Free Spotify Premium Account Username And Password List 2018 ,Today I'm Sharing with you my own method for upload and download Files.Sometimes you want to download or upload a large Files sizes,but you do not have high Internet speed  to do so, it will take you a long time, in this post I will Share you with a solution to this problem.
Free VPS
The site is called saucelabs . This site allows you to get a free high speed internet vps for 7 days. The method of registering on the site is very simple. You need to access the site from here and click on free trial and fill in your information.
Free VPS
Then you will go to your email and press the activation Link message, you will be directed to the control interface will press the Manual test menu and then click on the new manual test.
You will then select the system and type of browser and enter the link of the site you want to visit, and finally press start session.
Free VPS

In a few moments the system will open and you can then visit the sites at high speed and upload or download files, and when the 7 days trial end you can create another account and take advantage of another 7 days.

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