Monday, February 5, 2018

How to Control Any Phone Remotely via SMS

In many cases you may forget your phone at home or anywhere else and you want to know its status such as battery level or geographical location, but this may seem impossible to you but in this tutorial I will you will share with you an application that will enable you to know your phone's status and Remotely control it only by sms.

The application is called simple sms remote. This application allows you to control your phone remotely and see its status remotely by sending commands via SMS. To run the application you will need to download it from here  and install it on your phone.
Then you will open and run the application and specify what you want to control such as battery, sound or camera or you can choose all. Then you will enter the phone numbers that will allow you to control your phone, then you will find commands that you can send in the Commands option. For example,take a picture,open camera,remotly trun on phone gps...
Then go to another phone and send SMS to your phone containing the command you want and do not forget to add rc to the first sentence to run the application such as rc get battery level.

The application will then send you an SMS message containing the battery level.

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