Monday, March 12, 2018

GTA 5 Online Accounts | GTA V Social Club Accounts

When a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening and deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government and the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive in a ruthless city in which they can trust nobody, least of all each other.
Grand Theft Auto V for PC offers players the option to explore the award-winning world of Los Santos and Blaine County in resolutions of up to 4k and beyond, as well as the chance to experience the game running at 60 frames per second. 

The game offers players a huge range of PC-specific customization options, including over 25 separate configurable settings for texture quality, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and more, as well as support and extensive customization for mouse and keyboard controls. Additional options include a population density slider to control car and pedestrian traffic, as well as dual and triple monitor support, 3D compatibility, and plug-and-play controller support. 

Grand Theft Auto V for PC also includes Grand Theft Auto Online, with support for 30 players and two spectators. Grand Theft Auto Online for PC will include all existing gameplay upgrades and Rockstar-created content released since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, including Heists and Adversary modes.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online features First Person Mode, giving players the chance to explore the incredibly detailed world of Los Santos and Blaine County in an entirely new way.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC also brings the debut of the Rockstar Editor, a powerful suite of creative tools to quickly and easily capture, edit and share game footage from within Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Rockstar Editor’s Director Mode allows players the ability to stage their own scenes using prominent story characters, pedestrians, and even animals to bring their vision to life. Along with advanced camera manipulation and editing effects including fast and slow motion, and an array of camera filters, players can add their own music using songs from GTAV radio stations, or dynamically control the intensity of the game’s score. Completed videos can be uploaded directly from the Rockstar Editor to YouTube and the Rockstar Games Social Club for easy sharing. 


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
Storage: 72 GB available space
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
Additional Notes: Over time downloadable content and programming changes will change the system requirements for this game. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer and for current compatibility information. Some system components such as mobile chipsets, integrated, and AGP graphics cards may be incompatible. Unlisted specifications may not be supported by publisher. Other requirements: Installation and online play requires log-in to Rockstar Games Social Club (13+) network; internet connection required for activation, online play, and periodic entitlement verification; software installations required including Rockstar Games Social Club platform, DirectX , Chromium, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 sp1 Redistributable Package, and authentication software that recognizes certain hardware attributes for entitlement, digital rights management, system, and other support purposes. SINGLE USE SERIAL CODE REGISTRATION VIA INTERNET REQUIRED; REGISTRATION IS LIMITED TO ONE ROCKSTAR GAMES SOCIAL CLUB ACCOUNT (13+) PER SERIAL CODE; ONLY ONE PC LOG-IN ALLOWED PER SOCIAL CLUB ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME; SERIAL CODE(S) ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE ONCE USED; SOCIAL CLUB ACCOUNTS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. Partner Requirements: Please check the terms of service of this site before purchasing this software.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz (8 CPUs)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GB
Storage: 72 GB available space
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
Additional Notes:

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Full List = 240 Accounts

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  1. Hello. Im not like GTA5. Exacly I dont like any GTA after second part) But if we talk about semiMMO game. On first plays for me its Minecraft(My favorit skin ). But on second its GTA5. And its really cool. We have not enough games like this two

  2. Yes I agree with you But GTA Still the best for me