Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Confidential License Key 2018 [Price 256$]

Confidential mines sensitive data in files and tags them visually in Windows Explorer.It solves data compliance requirements and data loss prevention, for enterprises and professionals, for files scattered on hard drives.Works on local drivers, shared-drives and Cloud folders.
Confidential can scrape your drives using smart rules and auto-tag files containing sensitive information: your team can visually spot them while browsing folders or search and group them using tags. It solves data compliance and data loss prevention, for enterprises and professionals, with all the files you have scattered around.
Works on local drivers, shared-drives and Cloud (file-synchronization like Dropbpox/OneDrive etc.).


1) Data-mining

Data-mining: auto-tag files based on, name and location and their content – it searches for keywords or patterns (like credit cards, social security etc.). Get all your sensitive documents on a whole drive automatically tagged within minutes!
Create auto-tagging rules for folders: Confidential will “listen” and tag each new file you put there
Explorer integration: Confidential “listens” when you move files between folders: the tagging is preserved.

2) Tagging

Automatically tag files using on smart rules, based on extendable regular expressions.
Tag files with one click: tag files via the Explorer Context menu.
Tag any type of file or document, email or bookmark.
Your whole team will see what files are confidential (or not) in Windows Explorer at a glance.
Tag files on local drives, shared folders and in the Cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive,, Amazon Cloud Drive etc.)
Works with removable disks, encrypted disks, on any files system (NTFS, FAT32, EXT4 etc.)

3) Sharing

Create and manage user groups, for different departments or team
Centralized user and license management, import users from ActiveDirectory
Easily manage what you’re sharing and with whom

Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Confidential_hub.exe

The download link for Confidential is provided to you above. Download and install Confidential and then register it with the following:
  • License key #1: 4-ConfidentialCorp1-SharewareOnSale-0-NND5/11/2019-N-1061178116335614140217642391237119327822
  • License key #2: 4-ConfidentialCorp1-SharewareOnSale-1-NND5/11/2019-N-1577702364210236692010221792241299681508
  • License key #3: 4-ConfidentialCorp1-SharewareOnSale-2-NND5/11/2019-N-1093191410044636449818711018242178209081
To register Confidential, run it after install and select CONFIDENTIAL LOCAL -> GO. This will lead you through a setup process that you must finish. Once that is done, open Confidential from your system tray and go to HELP -> ENTER REGISTRATION KEY to register the program. Enjoy!
Note: If you have Tabbles installed (a different software from the same developer), you must uninstall Tabbles first before you install Confidential.

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