Friday, May 25, 2018

Hacknet Free for Limited Time Price14.99$]

Hacknet Free – Deluxe contains the following content:
  • Hacknet base game
  • Hacknet Official Soundtrack
hacknet by

Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator. Dive down a rabbit hoIe as you follow the instructions of a recently deceased hacker, whose death may not have been the accident the media reports. Using old school command prompts and real hacking processes, you’ll solve the mystery with minimal hand-holding, and a rich world full of secrets to explore.
Bit, a hacker responsible for creating the most invasive security system on the planet, is dead. When he fails to reconnect to his system for 14 days, his failsafe kicks in, sending instructions in automated emails to a lone user. As that user, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery and ensure that Hacknet-OS doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Exploring the volatile nature of personal privacy, the prevalence of corporate greed, and the hidden powers of hackers on the internet, Hacknet delivers a true hacking simulation, while offering a support system that allows total beginners get a grasp of the real-world applications and commands found throughout the game.
Hacknet Review:

Key Features
  • Real hackingBased on actual UNIX commands, Hacknet focuses on real hacking, not the Hollywood-style version of it. This creates a truly immersive experience and puts players right in the thick of trying to break through the firewalls,hacknet gameplay.
  • Unlock the mystery of BitA hacker is dead and the media reports don’t add up. When you are contacted by his “ghost” – an automated failsafe system – you’re drawn into the dark and murky world of underground hackers.
  • Full immersionYou are thrust into a persistent virtual world with no “levels” or obvious game elements to break the illusion. Follow the guidance of the emails from Bit or just dive down the rabbit hole, chasing down clues and snippets of information you find as you explore different systems.
  • Accessible but uncompromisingWhilst not holding your hand or dumbing down, the design of the game and the learning curve enables those with no prior terminal experience to enjoy it whilst delighting those in the know.
  • Killer tunes:Hack to the beat of a soundtrack featuring underground artists including Remi (Hotline Miami).
  • Hack your own adventures:Create your own campaigns, system networks, nodes, themes, music and story missions using the Hacknet Extensions mod tools. Share them with other players through Steam Workshop.
Hacknet Download:

Download 1: Steam Client for Windows
Download 2: Steam Client for Mac  ----> Hacknet Mac
Download 3: Steam Client for Linux

To get Hacknet Deluxe, first you need to create a free Steam account. If you don't have a Steam account already, head over to Steam's website to do that. Once you have done that, you need to create a Humble Bundle account, if you don't have one. Head over to Humble Bundle's website to do that. Once you have both a Steam and a Humble Bundle account, you need to link your Humble Bundle account to your Steam account; you can do this from your Humble Bundle's settings page. After you've done that, click here to go to the giveaway page and click ADD TO CART (make sure the price says FREE; if the price does not say FREE, then the giveaway has ended). Next click CHECKOUT and then GET IT FOR FREE. After that, you will get an email from Humble Bundle with a link you must click. At the page that loads, you must click REDEEM ON STEAM and you will be given your unique Steam code. You must redeem this Steam code inside Steam's gaming client immediately to get this game for free. Enjoy!

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