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Every internet user, no matter what internet environment they are in, has to face the risk of their data and personal information being stolen by malicious websites and advertisments.
SafeDNS is a reliable and powerful software solution designed to protect you from malware infections from dangerous websites, by blocking access to them. It detects and filters suspicious content, malicious websites, and advertisements preventing them from entering and damaging your system.

SafeDNS Pro License Key 2018

SafeDNS Review
The download size for Windows installer is ~8MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward. After the download all you need to do is create a new account or login with your existing one, and SafeDNS starts protecting your internet privacy right away. The Windows agent of SafeDNS launches the SafeDNS services automatically on devices and protects computers on and off secure networks. It has the ability of filtering the internet differently for different users on the same computer. Filtering services can be changed by the users according to their needs. SafeDNS is a perfect solution for users at home and also for businesses, where there is a risk of personal and business information being stolen. SafeDNS can also be used to provide a safer environment for children who use internet as they are prone to inappropriate websites way more than other users. For businesses, one use of SafeDNS can be to block employees from accessing inappropriate websites so that they can focus more on their work.
Simple & Intuitive UI
After you login with your account, this tool automatically starts protecting you without being annoying or disturbing at all. The main window has a modern look an is as simple as it can be. It only has a button to turn the protection ON/OFF and in the middle it tells you whether you are protected by SafeDNS or not. You can access the settings from the icon on the left-side and configure them to suite your needs.
Set up multiple profiles to suite your needs
When ran for the first time it protects you using the default profile and configuration. However, you can set up different profiles for different users on the same computer and switch between them quickly and easily. You can modify and change the ‘Content Filtering Settings’, which lets you decide what type of sites to allow and what type of sites to block. The websites are categorized in a various different categories like ‘Illegal Activity’, ‘Adult Related’, ‘Bandwidth Hogs’, ‘Time Wasters’ or ‘General Sites’. You can also block/unblock specific URLs by adding them to the Black list or White list as needed. Changing the settings of SafeDNS requires you to enter the password so no one can access and change settings.
Works as a Parental Control Service
SafeDNS works well as a ‘Parental Control Application’, it can protect your children against against porn, browser games, online time wasters as well as other dangerous and unwanted web content.
Protection for all devices
SafeDNS works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, this makes it a total security solution for all the devices you and your family members own. DNS can be set up on any router, and detailed instructions are available by the developer on their site. Setting up SafeDNS on the router means that all your devices connected to the router will be affected by the configuration you choose. This ensure total protection for all the devices that are connected to your network.
Customizable Blockpage
It let’s you control the page that is shown when the user tries to access a blocked website or web content. You can add your own image and text to show up there. This is useful for business as they can add their company logo and text of their choice on the block page.
Visited pages might still be available
The pages you visit with SafeDNS off, would remain available as long as they are in the cache. This is because if the page is available in the cache the browser does not have to request DNS look up. You have to make sure to clear the browser cache, especially if children use the same Windows profile as you.
SafeDNS provides an efficient and reliable solution to help you block access to malicious internet content when your PC is used to browse internet. It is a useful tool with handy use in all sectors, whether its businesses, home or any other internet environment. It offers great configuration options and put you in complete control of the internet content filtering.
Download SafeDNS
The download link for SafeDNS is provided to you above. To create your free SafeDNS account (you must create a new account if you want to take advantage of this promo, this won't work for existing accounts), click here to go to the giveaway page and fill out the short form; make sure to enter AzadiNetwork as safedns promo code. Next, if you are a Windows user, download and install SafeDNS; you will have to log into your account and then you can start using it. If you are a Mac, Android, iPhone, or Linux user, follow the setup guide instructions (link given above) to start using it for your Mac, Android, iPhone, or Linux. Enjoy!

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