Saturday, July 28, 2018

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization[Google citations]

Google citations to boost SEO for new local websites 

Have a new website or a local business? This course will help boost your search engine marketing, traffic and clients Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

What Will I Learn?
+++Use Google Citations to rank your website in Google faster
+++Shorten the time it takes new websites to rank in Google
+++Do a part of your own SEO instead of hiring freelancers or an agency
+++Get quick and valuable links and mentions that will give your new website a boost in authority
+++Get more SEO traffic faster Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
+++Build Google SEO authority for a new site faster

+++This is ideal if you have a new website or thinking of creating a website
+++Please be willing to try the strategies in the course Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

+++You will learn how to use Google Citations to boost the SEO of your local business websites. Even if your business is not a local business, Google Citations can help you begin showing up in Google search faster, and get your website to rank better.

Most people who launch their website wonder when that website will begin to show up in Google search. It can take a considerable amount of time to have your website show up in Google search, but if you use Google Citations, you can expedite the process.
Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
The reason Google introduced Google citations was because there was not much information it had about new sites, and mere mentions of your website and business helped its search engine understand what your website is all about. 

In this course I also explain what to do if your business isn't necessarily a local business.
Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
Sign up today, and get your website ranking in Google faster.

Who is the target audience?
+++Small business owners Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
+++New website owners
+++People who are new to SEO
+++Local business owners


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