Thursday, July 26, 2018

Learn Software Engineering Models

Software Engineering Models
Learn Software Engineering Metrics, static cost and size estimation models and project planning
Learn Software Engineering Models

What Will I Learn?
+++Understand software metrics and software myths
+++Learn about Line Of Code
+++Know about Fractional Point Analysis
+++Get knowledge on static models
+++Master topics on software project planning and cost estimation
+++Types of process models in software engineering
software development process
+++Software process models advantages and disadvantages
+++Waterfall model in software engineering
+++generic process model in software engineering
+++software development life cycle models

+++An interest in software engineering

+++Any cost estimation model can be viewed as a function that outputs the cost estimate. The basic idea of having a model or procedure for cost estimation is that it reduces the problem of estimation of determining the value of he “key parameters” that characterize the project, based on which the cost can be estimated(software process models pdf).

 The primary factor that controls the cost is the size of the project. That is, the larger the project, the greater the cost & resource requirement. Other factors that affect the cost include programmer ability, experience of developers, complexity of the project, & reliability requirements(software development models pdf).

The goal of a cost model is to determine which of these many parameters have significant effect on cost & then to discover the relationships between the cost. The most common approach for estimating effort is to make a function of a single variable.

For estimating the size, the system is generally partitioned into components it is likely to have. Once size estimates for components are available, to get the overall size estimate for the system, the estimates for all the components can be added up. Similar property does not hold for cost estimation, as cost of developing a system is not the sum of costs of developing the components. With the size-based models, if the size estimate is inaccurate, the cost estimates produced by the models will also be inaccurate.

Who is the target audience?
+++Software Students
+++Software Engineers
+++Software Testers
+++Software Professionals


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