Wednesday, July 25, 2018

MyFormatConverter License Key + Download Free

There are a lot of file format converters out there, each specialized in a certain type of conversions making it almost impossible for the users to choose the one they need. This creates the need of users to keep with them multiple tools just to convert files to their desired formats.
MyFormatConverter License Key + Download Free
However, MyFormatConverter Basic is a unique video converter that enables you to process all your files, for all different devices no matter what the format is. After getting to know all its features and capabilities, calling it a Swiss army knife for all your multimedia files would not seem like a bad idea.

The download size is small (~30MB) and the installation is simple and straightforward. The registration and activation process is however a bit frustrating, due to the delay in getting the email containing the activation code. The interface looks great and is intuitive, the conversion process is divided into five steps till completion. The first step is to select your desired task like audio conversion, video conversion, 2D to 3D conversion and more. The next step is to select the file you want to convert, followed by choosing your desired format from the ones provided. The next step involves choosing the desired output location to save the converted files, and the last step shows conversion in progress and lets you know when the process is done. This makes the overall process easy and simple to understand for all users.

Wide range of fomats supported
From JPG and BMP to AVI, DIVX, MKV, MOV or MP4 to WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA audio CD, concert DVD to dvr, dat, pvr and ts4 everything is supported by this tool.
Not only convert but optimize too
Different optimizations like channels, bit rate, sample rate, resolution, video bit rate, frame rate, and more of media files can enable the users to enjoy the media in the best quality possible. This tool does not only convert files from one format to another, but also optimize you media files to enhance there quality so you can enjoy them at there best possible quality.
2D to 3D conversion
This tool allows conversion of your normal home made videos to 3D videos.
Ease of use
The UI interface has an intuitive design, the whole process of conversion is a guided process. The GUI guides the users step by step on hoe to proceed with their desired task. This makes the tool suitable for use by all kinds of users, even novices without any difficulties.

Registration and Activation process
After registration, an email is supposed to be sent to you containing your activation code. Receiving that email seems like an impossible to achieve task, making the whole activation process frustrating. The developer needs to improve this as no one wants to wait hours and even days waiting for a license key to be sent to them

My Favourite Features
Wide Range of supported formats
wide range of support makes this tool useful in almost all kind of situations where conversions are required. This eradicates the need of carrying multiple tools in your PC just to achieve simple conversions. According to the developer, over 400 included output profiles are preconfigured and do the work for you.
Attempt at optimizing
Most of the conversion tools I have used so far deal with conversions simply, MyFormatConverter takes a step ahead and tries to deal with optimizing your media files to along with converting. This allow users to enjoy their media content in the highest and the best possible quality according to the desired format.

MyFormatConverter Basic is an efficient and fully featured media converter that deals with all type of conversions from video, audio to images. Along with conversions, it is able to optimize your media files to the best quality possible, giving it an edge over other competitors. Improvements in the activation and registration process would make this tool one of the best of its type. This tool is definitely worth trying.

Download: MyFormatConverter_Basic.exe


The download link for MyFormatConverter Basic is given to you above. The download is an exclusive installer with registration process built-in. Download and install MyFormatConverter Basic. After install, run MyFormatConverter Basic and you will see a software activation window. In it, you must first click the option that says REQUEST A FREE LICENSE KEY. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your first name, last name and valid email address. Do so and then click REQUEST SERIAL NUMBER. Next, check your email inbox for an email with subject MYFORMATCONVERTER BASIC REGISTRATION Click on the link provided and there will be your license key on the page that opens; simply copy the serial key provided. Now, go back to the software activation window and enter the license key; you can click ADD FROM CLIPBOARD to automatically paste the serial key on the field provided. Finally, click CHECK LICENSE KEY to confirm. Wait for the confirmation and that's it; enjoy!

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