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Free Spotify Premium Account List

Hey DMZ Networks Followers, in this post We will tell you about how can get Free Spotify Premium account for lifetime. This article is helpful for music lovers, whose day ends only listen to music. If you are this type of person, then the post is only for you. Music can help you to change the mood. It can motivate your depression mind to be happy. So, music is an important part of our daily life. When you go to the internet to the listening song, there are a lot of websites which provide unlimited music.
Free Spotify Premium Account List
The Spotify is a best online music site in the world and provides a lot of music categories for worldwide. The Spotify dividend their two option one is free and other is Spotify premium. In this post, we discuss Spotify premium and how to get Free Spotify premium account.
spotify premium for free

spotify premium account for free

Spotify gives the premium option. If you interested in running premium then you can buy some Spotify premium code through pay credit. But we can’t wish to lose rupees to run such type of music tool. So, in this tutorial, we share the whole guide to get Spotify premium account free, free spotify premium account and also share some Spotify premium code. Before going to post we need understand the essential thing of Spotify premium. The Spotify Premium is a type of account which allows you to get access to music and podcast and also able to listen and download millions of songs for free.

What is Spotify Premium Account?
Spotify Premium Account is a far better than the free account. Multiple facilities get and run all devices through this account. After Upgrading to Spotify Premium will remove all adverts so you can listen without any disturbance and added all categories song. Also can listen to anything you want, wherever you used any tool such as desktop, web or app.

Another bonus for Spotify premium account user is a leading to download music for offline listing. A premium user allows you to download 3,333 tracks on up to three devices.

Spotify Premium Subscription Types
Spotify gives a million of song access -from old song to the newer one.You want to need just hit on play option.It is a Swedish commercial music  services, but it can more growing due to their popularity on worldwide. In the Spotify Premium Account Music can be browsed by artist, album genre and playlist wise. Let’s discuss the subscription pack.

1)Spotify Free
The Spotify free provided a lot of features, but we write some main features which are most useful for a user. It provides unlimited listening time, and the demerits are always shown Spotify ads, that’s  irritated to a listener. You don’t run HD audio and not listen in offline mode.

2)Spotify Premium
This Spotify subscription provided unlimited listening time as well as you can download HD song and able to download in offline.

3)Spotify family
In this subscription, you can get the same features of which got on “Spotify premium “option.
Spotify Premium Account Features

The Spotify premium is better than free Subscription, listen to 320kbit/s music instead of 160kbit/s, remove advertisements, improve audio quality and allow users to download music for offline listening. Its features are
TypeFree of adsMobile listeningEnhanced sound qualityListen offline
Spotify FreeNoLimited
(shuffle-only mode)
Spotify Premium[YesYesYesYes
Spotify FamilyYesYesYesYes
A music and video watch app for unlimited time.
Additional features like podcast services, which allow you to make a proper network of music and can give you a good experience.
You can use Spotify premium for download songs from the different type.
You can also sync your songs on your other devices or phone, tablet and even on your laptop
You can get the unlimited skip feature when using a premium account.
You can listen to multiple radios for free without paying any money.
Choose the correct one wisely which will work for your needs and requirements.
You can also download all songs to your phone for free in high quality and listen to them whenever you want to.

Get Spotify premium account free
Also, you read the topic about Spotify premium account features. Are intersect to use premium features? If yes, then look below there are 3-way to get

This is the easiest way to get Spotify Premium for free.
Does not spend money to use Spotify premium.
First Visit the Spotify official page
Just see the below table and get the login email and password use this on an officially login page.

2)Get Spotify Premium account By Android Apps
There is millions of Android user in the world. An Android Smartphone needs to get Spotify premium account lifetime.
First, download the Spotify  Premium App.
Enable unknown source on Android security setting.
After that install, the apps, again download any VPN like Super-VPN on play store.
Now, log in your Spotify free account it automatically redirects to the premium account.
I can get Spotify premium account by using this app. I recommended if you have any android phone just download the app on above link and used it! I share the screenshot of Spotify premium account .

3)Get Spotify Premium by subscription code
I buy some Spotify premium code on the official websites. So I guarantee, All the code is work 100%.This code is only for the new user.Before using this code just uses the signup process.
Sign up Spotify by use  Email, Password, Username, Date of Birth and Gender. When open the next window clicks on profile and go to account. Now you can see the Reedme just click on that, and next screen put below Spotify premium code and try your luck.






Are you enjoy to get Spotify premium account for free? I hope you must be enjoying if your free time then doesn’t to forget for sharing the post. For any problem about the post “get Spotify premium account “then write issue on below comment box.

1)Free Spotify Premium Account List
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