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Sling TV Free Premium Accounts

Hello All,Today I will share Sling TV Premium account free 100%.Sling TV is Live TV, Only Better. The #1 Live TV Streaming Service that lets you personalize your channel lineup and save. 
Start with the service best for you, then pick Extras in your favorite genres: Sports, Comedy, Kids, News, Movies, Lifestyle, Spanish, & more. Change your service online anytime.


Over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on all of your favorite devices. Watch your favorite live sports like the NBA and college basketball, hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, Atlanta, SportsCenter, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand tv shows and movies.
With Sling TV you can get both TV and Cloud DVR on your terms - add it when you want and choose when you watch, for just $5
Stream anytime, anyplace on TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles, and other devices.
This is TV on your terms. No paying for useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, easy online cancellation.
The Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for just $20/mo – including ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN, A&E, History, and many more.
The Sling Blue service offers 40+ channels for just $25/mo – including FOX and NBC (select markets only) HGTV, FX, History, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and many more.

Interested in Latino or International content? Sling TV also offers the #1 live international TV service in the US, offering 18 languages including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Brazilian, and more.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.
Sling TV reviews

#1 Live TV Streaming Service is based on number of OTT households reported by comScore as of April 2017. Unveiled on January 5, 2015, at the Consumer Electronics Show, the service – which is structured as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor – aims to complement subscription video on demand services for cord cutters, offering a selection of major cable channels and OTT-originated services that can be streamed through smart TVs, digital media players and apps.The service is available in the United States and Puerto Rico as of 2015.
Sling TV is led by Erik Carlson who also serves as the President and COO of Dish Network. The service's precursor, the ethnic television service DishWorld, was also brought under the auspices of Sling TV LLC and was rebranded as Sling International.Following an invitation-only beta launch of the service that began in January of that year, Sling TV formally launched on February 9, 2015. As of February 2018, the service has 2.2 million subscribers.

Sling TV App:

Sling tv Login:

Sling TV Premium Username and Password:
[email protected]:thefarm1
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