Saturday, August 11, 2018

TorrentLeech Premium Accounts

TorrentLeech (TL) is one of the best Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL of the planet , 
They improved a Lot with new design meaning TL V4 which is pretty awesome. It's a private torrent site, since it's not public like piratebay you'll have less chance of getting caught/sued if you downloaded illegal content, but if your ratio goes lower than a certain point you'll have to pay to keep it up or get banned. 

TorrentLeech Premium Accounts 2018 by DMZ Networks

TorrentLeech is quickly becoming one of the most coveted private BitTorrent accounts for any BT fan. With unrivaled speed and amazing pre-times, TL offers 0day/0sec torrents in all categories. While never open publicly to new signups, invites are handed out to qualifying members on a regular basis. TL is also one of the most used private trackers - there are a ton of seeders and leechers so uploading to other TL members isn’t all that difficult, either (a seedbox helps, but isn’t mandatory like some other trackers). New members have a 48-hour ‘wait time’ before the torrent becomes active - once a sharing ratio hits 0.4 this goes away.

With an Huge content , many uploads everyday scene and non-scene , both with very good pretimes...also some pretty great packs (movies/tv)
External encodes and releases , a few examples since are so Many: W4F , CRiMSON (tv) , to FLAME ,ETRG (movies),
Also many e-learning stuff , software , games and so on.On TL is Not easy to keep good ratio because there's no freeleech , 

Every user is expected to maintain an overall ratio of 0.4 after downloading 6GB. There is also a per torrent minimum which is also 0.4 ,
If you are not able to seed the torrent to 0.4 ,then you will need to leave it seeding for 60 hours within a 72 period 
(Ideally 60 hours straight) or you could receive a warning for Hit & Run.
Over all TL Is not a tracker to create buffers even if you have seedbox...
just use it for what you need and keep a decent ratio in return , doing that for sure will be enough , TL is a great general tracker!!!

Tracker Name: TorrentLeech
Tracker URL:
Tracker Genre: General
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Medium
Bonus System: None
Banned Countries: None
Tracker IRC: Channel: #tlhelp
It's a tracker for where the scene releases are uploads evertimes and their speed and pretimes are good. In order to maintain ratio only one way is to upload as no torrent is freeleech on TorrentLeech.

TorrentLeech Premium Accounts

Note: Do Not Change The Password
TorrentLeech #1
Username: menzo
Password: Mac&912

TorrentLeech #2

Username: nedix
Password: pentium

TorrentLeech #3
Username: wallan
Password: 624zabrw

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