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Uplay Accounts with Games August 2018

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Massive Entertainment to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OnLive). The Uplay app for the Wii U was released after the launch of the console on 1 December 2012 on the Nintendo eShop. Uplay is used exclusively by first-party Ubisoft games, and although some third-party titles are sold through the Uplay store, they do not use the Uplay platform.

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Responses to the platform have been generally negative, with coverage comparing it negatively to its competitors and calling it the worst part of Ubisoft's games.

With the release of Assassin's Creed II in 2009, Ubisoft launched the Uplay network, which is activated either in-game or via the Uplay website.[citation needed] Uplay allows players to connect with other gamers, and to earn rewards based on achievements (called "Actions") in Uplay-enabled games, with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stating that "the more you play, the more free goods you will be able to have".

Each Uplay-enabled game has four specific Actions that can be accomplished, earning the player Uplay points, which are referred to as Units. Each Action grants the player either 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 Units, which can then be used to unlock game-related rewards; though the Units are not bound to the specific games they were earned in, and may be used to purchase rewards from any available game.

The Uplay desktop client was released on 3 July 2012, replacing the Ubisoft Game Launcher. The desktop client connects Uplay's currency and reward features, and links a player's Ubi profile across platforms (consoles, Facebook, PC, and mobile) within a single app.The client is similar to Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin desktop clients—where the user is able to purchase and launch games from the application.

A single Uplay account is required to access the client, that can be used across platforms (consoles, PC and mobile) and to access Ubisoft’s online sites, and forums. If customers already have a Uplay account, they can use their existing account credentials to log into the Uplay desktop client. Otherwise, they will be asked to create a new account upon their first connection to the client.

Uplay account Username and Password
[email protected]:KvOtH310684
[email protected]:Tankerownage3
[email protected]:326mallard
[email protected]:bonds600
[email protected]:dubeirae2
[email protected]:Rilee123!
[email protected]:16thfloor
[email protected]:fenris123
[email protected]:neket08
[email protected]:chimay22
[email protected]:shadow56
[email protected]:A511slim53
[email protected]:JayDee2006
[email protected]:Dairyfarm1
[email protected]:mst3k000
[email protected]:L!v33v!l3o3
[email protected]:Haloreach1
[email protected]:Starwars13
[email protected]:spurs2150
[email protected]:dorado1992
[email protected]:minecraft11
[email protected]:dx423666
[email protected]:rellyson1
[email protected]:TRYbig109
[email protected]:husker1
[email protected]:iloveyou2
[email protected]:Napolean12
[email protected]:kitanapage1
[email protected]:67Toby68
[email protected]:copper15
[email protected]:Powerball317
[email protected]:hippie78
[email protected]:bk135790
[email protected]:chapman72
[email protected]:zenith18
[email protected]:kdn423
[email protected]:bambam32
[email protected]:stella6
[email protected]:alex2799
[email protected]:tristen99
[email protected]:doom666
[email protected]:Snapper28
[email protected]:magic89
[email protected]:sign1987shop
[email protected]:H8yourH8
[email protected]:eugene01
[email protected]:a12721272
[email protected]:Bdps1313
[email protected]:witness23
[email protected]:ZodiacIs69
[email protected]:Bissy9699
[email protected]:Cresent#1
[email protected]:Bltbltblt1!
[email protected]:g13at420
[email protected]:Malcolm1
[email protected]:Dodgeram1
[email protected]:9024757Ab1
[email protected]:Joules121
[email protected]:jg9mg0jqe
[email protected]:snake5
[email protected]:722green
[email protected]:a25500730
[email protected]:jules10
[email protected]:paqim6102
[email protected]:Calverton16!
[email protected]:@rag0rn_85
[email protected]:shadowclipper
[email protected]:WaffenSS1944
[email protected]:Bootsis1
[email protected]:housedoor95
[email protected]:F1UTB2ol
[email protected]:Madden69
[email protected]:Say3win1
[email protected]:Bigfoot21
[email protected]:cromwell1
[email protected]:N1ch0las
[email protected]:ATTmichael10
[email protected]:midnight1
[email protected]:C0merica
[email protected]:haskins74
[email protected]:89mustang
[email protected]:gkvl5xtj
[email protected]:jordans1
[email protected]:3256936a
[email protected]:slw041965
[email protected]:hayden177
[email protected]:nyyankees1
[email protected]:Gottschall1
[email protected]:0hacker0
[email protected]:samdog2318
[email protected]:lovie01
[email protected]:4nejras4
[email protected]:4michael
[email protected]:meeton123
[email protected]:oeR25273
[email protected]:garrett3
[email protected]:soldier1
[email protected]:Kruller12
[email protected]:DonkeyKong95
[email protected]:sadie017
[email protected]:89corvette
[email protected]:oct1597
[email protected]:gandalf
[email protected]:Daa020103
[email protected]:kansas29
[email protected]:cavecanum13
[email protected]:emily222
[email protected]:Moneyl33
[email protected]:ryan18
[email protected]:csuggs7m
[email protected]:nykolewebb7
[email protected]
[email protected]:infinity1
[email protected]:1-beast-1
[email protected]:Jasmin23
[email protected]:ju062308
[email protected]:elias123
[email protected]:password88
[email protected]:425cajd98
[email protected]:tg7196
[email protected]:charro1
[email protected]:referee21
[email protected]:gobble45
[email protected]:Dalejr88
[email protected]:legend1414
[email protected]:patch02
[email protected]:ba105681
[email protected]:2guynnkids
[email protected]:mario59
[email protected]:tthepimp1
[email protected]:juanitar1
[email protected]:football68
[email protected]:vipers1
[email protected]:jojobos12
[email protected]:sparky99
[email protected]:1100150i
[email protected]:mattm47
[email protected]:robin1023
[email protected]:vette97
[email protected]:jordan23
[email protected]:mumble99140
[email protected]:Snd#1dc1
[email protected]:tripoli123
[email protected]:joshua7nj
[email protected]:lif3sucks
[email protected]:shepherd1
[email protected]:187x357
[email protected]:Fauxacc2
[email protected]:michael3
[email protected]:boston55
[email protected]:loulou
[email protected]:p0rt1and
[email protected]:linanicole1120
[email protected]:goldeneye
[email protected]:mandy126
[email protected]:froggy9895
[email protected]:02nissan
[email protected]:15amb23ejf
[email protected]:pdk62499
[email protected]:raymonds
[email protected]:00dakota
[email protected]:Ja771994
[email protected]:pooker69
[email protected]:Kingsam11
[email protected]:BlackStar01
[email protected]:boomer453
[email protected]:zach0719
[email protected]:contractkiller13
[email protected]:headhunter1
[email protected]:LC054308
[email protected]:8013Lichtenauer
[email protected]:forpony34!
[email protected]:sabrina523
[email protected]:brett2002
[email protected]:ncc1701a
[email protected]:dragon44
[email protected]:brock2009
[email protected]:traftnuc2
[email protected]:marge1105
[email protected]:buddy33
[email protected]:jr779916
[email protected]:Santiago11688
[email protected]:pockylover1
[email protected]:cassandra5
[email protected]:james007
[email protected]:bartman1
[email protected]:password1
[email protected]:saiza1984
[email protected]:c8295711212
[email protected]:Merkerson1
[email protected]:arya32
[email protected]:sbb222
[email protected]:meatball1
[email protected]:91cutlass
[email protected]:wazzup00
[email protected]:Golden1!
[email protected]:haven22
[email protected]:Anwlt1ig

[email protected]:pdw1121
[email protected]:500430n
[email protected]:Rogfd1979
[email protected]:black1985
[email protected]:Ps3rocks
[email protected]:Mazzie95
[email protected]:Jinxman2!
[email protected]:Halflife2
[email protected]:592dehm2
[email protected]:zhen1993
[email protected]:Hayley1991
[email protected]:[email protected]
[email protected]:Bluedevils73
[email protected]:dlax3100
[email protected]:thesims1
[email protected]:Brooklyn123
[email protected]:Cassidy1!
[email protected]:zombie#13
[email protected]:icebox1980
[email protected]:Snipers3313
[email protected]:Excalipoor0
[email protected]:corykyle
[email protected]:McNanner2
[email protected]:Monopoly1
[email protected]:Password#nive
[email protected]:Robert7769
[email protected]:Freedom1
[email protected]:Reliance1
[email protected]:Bryan0929
[email protected]:snor143

[email protected]:winter13
[email protected]:desha25
[email protected]:Candy2012
[email protected]:Sab883311!
[email protected]:Cloud001
[email protected]:Ryannick1
[email protected]:Crash2k10xtr27
[email protected]:jf5275
[email protected]:Supsweeper1!
[email protected]:Abigail1
[email protected]:alonzo33
[email protected]:Ethanli2
[email protected]:Call2duty
[email protected]:Ryan2000
[email protected]:soulpie12
[email protected]:skywalker625
[email protected]:GoldBat215
[email protected]:Brayden7!
[email protected]:aA1514791
[email protected]:Blizzard25
[email protected]:abuser21
[email protected]:amcinzac4
[email protected]:gr8ful
[email protected]:D14bl016
[email protected]:Irock839
[email protected]:Jon12384

[email protected]:Le3tsp!k


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