Thursday, August 9, 2018


In a world with ever-increasing data security concerns, remaining cautious is no option. Employing a manual approach in undertaking my online transactions has always been a pain. In an attempt to find a more efficient and easy way to deal with possible identity and financial information theft, I landed on Zemana AntiLogger Premium. This is what I discovered.

Zemana AntiLogger Review
At a Glance
In a few minutes, Zemana AntiLogger Premium{Zemana Free} was fully installed and running. The main window has options that gave me faith and a quick summary of my protection status. Updating signatures takes place regularly to give real time protection. The ID theft protection being ON was also impressive. The clean-cut interface displays details regarding the last time of scan, last update check, and license and system status. I was able to custom scan individual files by dragging and dropping them on the specified location.
Multi-language support
Under the settings option, selecting the General button will display a drop-down option with over 20 languages to choose from. I found this option resourceful especially for people from different geographical locations. For notifications, there is an option to choose to choose to display notifications on the task bar.
Create Restore Point and Schedule Scan
Zemana AntiLogger Premium provided me with two scan options; the default smart scan and deep scan. I choose the Create Restore Point option, Deep scan, and scheduled the scan to take place during system startup. Other available options included choosing specific days and time for the scheduled scan.
Comprehensive Scan Reports
I found Zemana AntiLogger Premium’s scan reports quite handy. The report captures the date and time, type and result of all the scans performed. Based on the Result column, I was able to figure out how affected my system was and made the appropriate decision regarding file usage. The application also has a Quarantine report with options to restore or delete quarantined files.
Complete protection for ID Theft and suspicious browser extensions
Right from the start, Zemana AntiLogger Premium has a quick status summary to show whether my computer was protected from ID theft or not. With the option ON, the AntiLogger was able to scan for banking Trojans like Bradesco before alerting me appropriately.
Apart from auto launching on system startup, Zemana AntiLogger Premium automatically loaded unknown objects for scanning. In case the software detected and blocked a threat, it played a sound, an option you can opt to de-select.
Zemana AntiLogger Premium is a stable anti-virus with a good number of protection options. It can be a good pick for people who would want to add another layer of protection regarding their online identity and information. The program’s ability to smoothly function alongside other installed or default anti-viruses like Windows Defender is also a plus.
Zemana AntiLogger Software : Download
The download link for Zemana AntiLogger Premium is given to you above. Download and install Zemana AntiLogger Premium. After install, run Zemana AntiLogger Premium and register it with the following:
  • Zemana AntiLogger key:GIVEAWAY-4245-5487
You can register Zemana AntiLogger Premium by clicking the click the key icon in the top-right corner of the main program window. Enjoy!
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