Friday, September 21, 2018

Fleeq Review - Amazing Way To Create, Share & Track Video

Hollywood has proven there are few better ways to tell a story than with animation, so it comes as no surprise that it’s also an extremely successful marketing and sales tool. Fleeq gives you the tools you need to create videos and interactive GIFs without a camera, narrator or a production crew  that will engage your audience, even if you have zero design  know-how. You can make mobile-friendly, entertaining animations in an intuitive, collaborative environment right in your browser. 
Fleeq Review - Amazing Way To Create, Share & Track Video

With Fleeq, you’ve got the power to reach, engage with, educate, and connect to millions in new and unique ways.With Fleeq, commercial entities can share their creations and make them viewable on all channels and platforms. This allows them to reach all of their target audiences, regardless of the device they are on.
Moreover, Fleeq affords users the ability to track their media’s impressions, such as how many people have viewed them, who these people are, and where they are located. Information such as those previously mentioned allow companies to optimize their media to increase interest.

Why Use Fleeq ?

Multi-Platform Media
With Fleeq, users can create videos and GIFs that can adapt to any screen size. That is because media produced with the application are generated in a lightweight format that can be embedded in websites, turned into widgets, or made into a part of a knowledge base.

Dedicated Hosting
Businesses can save more financial resources with Fleeq even when they share their creations across different channels. Videos and GIFs created on the platform have their own dedicated page and URL, therefore users can forego hosting service subscriptions and share wherever and whenever.

Easy Rich Media
Creating videos and GIFs with Fleeq is a simple and straightforward process. Users simply have to upload screenshots, write a description, and add other items such as narrations until their video or GIF is done. And in case an update is required, editors can still modify their previous creations with ease.

Tracking & Optimization
To understand how videos and GIFs interact with users, Fleeq offers tracking and optimization tools. These enable companies to know who are viewing their media, when these people are looking at them, and where they are accessing a company’s creations. These data enable businesses to further optimize their media to better suit pockets of audiences.

One-Click Localization
Not every member of a target audience is English-speaking. That is why Fleeq is equipped with an auto-narration and auto-localization tool, to make certain that a business’ media is understandable to everyone.

Branded Knowledge Base
Fleeq is perfect for companies that want to create an interactive knowledge base. The application assists in the building of such by supporting information silos that can be launched and hosted effortlessly. Knowledge bases generated with the application are also branded and hosted on dedicated sites and can work on different platforms.

Fleeq Features
Lead Generation
Privacy Settings
Custom Domain
I Narration
Custom Narration
Branding & Customization
Chrome Extension
Media Sharing
Tracking & Analytics
Feedback & Optimization
Premium Content

Fleeq Pricing Plans:

Fleeq offers the best pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business:

    All the power of fleeq, without any limitations
    $ 0 Free Forever
    fleeqs, GIFs, Tracking links, campaigns,
    knowledge bases, users
    Custom/Auto Narration
    Fleeq Localization
    Real-time notifications
    Passcode protection
    Customize feedback
    View/Feedback analytics
    iFrame/JS embeddable
    Export One Video per month
    (up to 1 min)

    Use custom branding and a robust sharing solution
    $ 9 Per month / Per seat Billed annually
    Fleeqs, GIFs, Video exports,
    Knowledge base & Fleeq campaigns
    Custom branded Tracking links
    Logo, Favicon, Colors
    Creator attribution
    Proprietary Loader
    Your brand watermark
    3rd party integrations
    Export up to 8 Videos per month
    (up to 5 min)

    Perfect for starting out and demoing your product.
    Custom pricing
    Dedicated CSM
    Private cloud
    On premise
    2 Factor Authentication
    Unlimited teams
    Single sign on
    User based roles
    Audit logs
    Unlimited video exports

Supported Devices

Fleeq  is a simple yet powerful solution, that works well, and you need to create videos and interactive GIFs without a camera, narrator or a production crew and it's the best choice in the Market. It is worth-trying.

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