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Make Your Own Logo For Free | Free Logo Design and Download Free

free logo design templates
free logo design templates
Easy Ways to Make Cool and Professional Logos with DesignEvo

The logo is an important part of a brand, and it is currently not only needed by business owners but also individuals who have a website or blog. Unique and meaningful logos can make an identity for business or product. If the logo is well designed, it can make the attention of customers and potential customers to be focused on the product.

When many big companies and startups start their business, they will always put the logo on the initial part that must be created. This is important because the logo will be the face of the brand or product.

In the process of finding logo design ideas, they always think seriously about creating a logo that reflects their business and spirit. To produce a logo that is as expected, many companies submit the task to designers and are willing to pay a prohibitive price for the logo they make. But what if you want to create a logo quickly and with maximum results without the need to pay a high price? Here I will show you an easy way to create a logo at a low cost by using the DesignEvo tool.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a website that provides services for creating logos quickly with just a few easy steps. It has been used by millions of users worldwide for various needs. And there are 8 kinds of languages ​​available to facilitate users from various countries.

DesignEvo makes it easier for anyone who wants to create a logo in a quick way. You don't need to be a designer or hire a designer to make logos for you, with a little creativity you can create logos with good, professional and classy looking.

What are the benefits of using DesignEvo?

DesignEvo provides more than 6000 well-designed logos for various categories such as technology, education, agriculture, computers, business and much more. Of course, you will find lots of benefits by using this logo service:


The logo-making process does not require technical skills and high creativity. You even do not need to have the ability to operate design software, which makes everyone, from an entrepreneur, blogger, writer to marketer and small business owners, create a beautiful logo with just a few clicks.


DesignEvo lets you create logos of high quality at a very affordable price. By utilizing DesignEvo, you can save money on logo design needs and can utilize other funds for business development investments.

Easy and user-friendly

To create a logo, you simply choose a template, enter your company name and customize it to your liking. You will always have access to the saved logo, and you can edit them both before and after purchase.

100% image quality

DesignEvo allows you to download your logos in raster (JPEG, PNG) and vector (PDF, SVG) formats. This ensures 100% image quality not only when printing logos on business cards, but also when placing them on a billboard, so you don't have to worry about the poor quality of the images.

High-quality fonts and icons

DesignEvo has a large database of icons and high-quality fonts, which will serve as the basis of your branded items.

How to Make a Logo with DesignEvo?

When you visit DesignEvo, you will be surprised because the logo creation process is super easy and straightforward.

free logo design and download
free logo design and download

And to get started making your first logo, please visit the DesignEvo website at and click on the "Make a Free Logo" button.

Next, you will be taken to the logo template page where there are 6000+ logos pre-built. Here you can choose a design that suits you by clicking on one of the logos of your choice and fill in the name of your company, and add a slogan if you want.
 free logo download

Next, you can edit the logo of your choice with a variety of customization tools. You can change the logo color as you wish and modify font, size, spacing, and much more to create the perfect typography. And if you are sure of your logo, you can click the "Download" button.

Price of DesignEvo Service
free online logo maker and download

Actually making a logo on DesignEvo is free, but you will be charged a low price when you want to have the file in vertor formats and higher resolution. And by buying your logo on the DesignEvo, you will get:
Basic Plan for $19.99:
-    High-resolution logo with exceptional quality.
-    Transparent background so that it can be used on any project.
 -   Change and re-download the logo at any time as you wish.
 -   Print ready for business cards, t-shirt, envelope designs, and much more.

Plus Plan for $39.99:
-    High-resolution logo with exceptional quality.
-    Transparent background so that it can be used on any project.
 -   Change and re-download the logo at any time as you wish.
 -   Print ready for business cards, t-shirt, envelope designs, and much more.
 -  Downloadable uses font.
 -   Vector files (PDF and SVG).
 -  Copyright ownership.

Overall, with DesignEvo, you can create your own logo with a clear process and a user-friendly interface. The price offered is also very affordable compared to hiring a graphic designer and taking a long time. And hopefully, this article will be useful to you. Following these simple steps, you will get a logo that shows your company and product very well in just a matter of minutes.  

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