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Tabbles 5 Review | Tabbles 5 License Key 2018

There are hundreds of thousands of files on our drives, and organizing them has never been an easy task. Real trouble comes when you may want to see some particular type of files only, or some files related to a task or event like Word documents or Excel sheets.
Tabbles is a useful software utility, designed to help you manage your files and folders, and organize them without having to move them to different folders and different locations on the drive. It allows to tag any kind of file, emails (Outlook), and bookmarks.
 Tabbles 5 Review | Tabbles 5 License Key 2018

Installation & Set-up
The installer is only ~19MB in size, and the installation process takes around 5 minutes or less. The reason for it being a longer installation process is that Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft SQL Server are also installed along with the application itself. After launching it, a ‘Login’ window is shown, asking you how you want to set-up and use tabbles. It shows three tabs, namely ‘Tabbles Local’,’Tabbles Cloud’,and ‘Tabbles LAN’. Tabbles Local is for use on a single machine, where as the other are if you need to collaborate with other users and machines. Tabbles Cloud is easy to set-up as it uses the cloud, Tabbles LAN requires SQL server to be set-up which is not easy for most of the users.

Clean & Easy-to-use UI
The UI is clean and looks somewhat like the Windows File Explorer, and gives you a clear overview of your drives and let’s you browse through directories. The window on the left is Tag browser, and the bigger window views files and folders from the chosen location. On top, there’s a search bar and a toolbar containing tools and options in various drop-down menus.

Customizable Tags & Auto-tagging
As soon as you start using this application, you can start creating you own new tags, with your preferred color and name. Tags can be dates, events, locations, names, or even projects. This ensures that almost all of your files fall into one tag or the other. A single file can be assigned multiple tags too, for example a file can have a date tag along with event or project tag. You can access the files using both the tags or anyone of the two tags.
Moreover, to make life more easier, Tabbles come with an auto-tagging feature. What this does is, it allows you to create a specific set of rules and conditions. Every file/folder that meets and satisfy those rules and conditions, is auto-tagged with that specific tag. But to make sure that auto-tagging is not tagging wrong files, it shows you a notification when it detects a file/folder to tag, and you can choose whether to add it or ignore it.
Explorer Integration
Files can be tagged even without opening the tabbles window, thanks to the context-menu integration. You can right-click on the files and choose to tag them, or you can also locate them in the tabbles in order to find out what tags the files are tagged with. While viewing files in Windows Explorer, the tagged files can be easily found as they have a colored bubble icon.
Moreover, even when you move files around different drive locations, you won’t ever lose their tags. The application auto-updates its database after you move the files around.

No collapsed view like Windows Explorer
The UI is very clean and easy-to-use, one thing I felt missing in it was the collapsed view of the folders in the Tab browser. This is important so that all directories can be viewed easily in the browser with their folders and subfolders.

Tabbles is a lightweight and easy-to-use software that provides an innovative way to organize, manage, and quickly find your files and folders on the drive. It enables users to assign customizable tags to any file or folder on the drives, local network, or Cloud storage space. This helps organize them into categories, without having to copy them to multiple locations. It is easy to use for all types of users, the only difficulty possible is the set-up of SQL Server for Tabbles on LAN.

Tables Free Download
The download link for Tabbles 5 is given to you above. Download and install Tabbles 5. After install, run Tabbles 5 and register it with any of the following license keys:
  • License key for your first PC:4-TabblesBasic5-ShareawareOnSale120918-0-NND9/12/2019-N-1831542058418141181521122035203420211094
  • License key for your second PC:4-TabblesBasic5-ShareawareOnSale120918-1-NND9/12/2019-N-1544651515731254186160158265227122112715
  • License key for your third PC:4-TabblesBasic5-ShareawareOnSale120918-2-NND9/12/2019-N-1932149625311368127611221702180110511111
You only need one license key per computer, and this giveaway allows you use Tabbles 5 on up to three computers (one license key for each computer). To register Tabbles 5, run the program and click TABBLES LOCAL tab. Wait until the program loads and then go to HELP -> ENTER REGISTRATION KEY. Enjoy!
As part of this giveaway you get all the features of Tabbles 5. However, note there are three places to store your Tabbles 5 database: locally on your computer, on your local network, or on Tabbles Cloud. As part of this giveaway, you can store Tabbles 5 database on your local computer or local network but not on Tabbles Cloud. Tabbles Cloud is not included in this giveaway.

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