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VideoProc Review | Best GoPro Video Editor

Download VideoProc - Process and Convert GoPro iPhone 4K Videos with the Top Quality

Most videos shot do not turn out to be as good as they are supposed to be. This can be due to a series of factors, including motion, focus, lighting and noise. Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to improve the overall look of it, or to create a new work. Video editing is not an easy task, as it requires you to learn skills, be able to use complex software applications, which are too expensive for a regular user. There are a few video editing software’s that are designed for novice and regular users, but not all of them provide the right tools and the ease of use that is required.

VideoProc Review

VideoProc is a versatile video processor featuring easy and primary movie editing. It is designed with a plain but intuitive interface making it pretty easy to navigate. With the support of a wide range of video formats embracing HEVC, H.264, MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, WebM, FLV, 3GP etc, it can well handle virtually all 4K/1080P/SD movies.

Installation & Set-up

The installer size is ~46MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. After the installation, the application can easily registered and activated using the license key. The activation requires a restart of the application for the changes to effect. Creating a new project is based on three steps, opening a new blank project, editing it, and exporting it.

User Interface

Video processing UI is simple, intuitive, and has a modern design with good-looking icons and colors. VideoProc enfolds nearly all types of videos, audios and DVDs, ranging from ISO images, HEVC, H.264, MPEG-4, AVI, MKV, MOV, M2TS, MOD camcorder videos to 1080p multi-track HD videos and 4K @60fps videos from GoPro, DJI, DSLRs, Blu-ray, Apple iPhone X and Android smartphones. Both mainstream and niche videos can be converted, edited and adjusted at one go for easier playback and sharing.
VideoProc Review 2018

VideoProc Features

420+ Preset Profiles for Apple Android Devices.

Not all videos can be accepted by all of your media players and devices. Besides converting between video formats like multi-track MKV to MP4, this HD video converter can make any incompatible videos friendly with SNS, game consoles, HDTV and portable players. Also, it can share them to YouTube, Vlog, or enjoy on iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PSP, Android tablets, smartphones, etc.
GoPro Video

Edit, Trim, Merge, Subtitle Videos at Ease.

It allows you to cut, split, crop, rotate, flip, subtitle, merge video clips, mix multiple video audio subtitle tracks to an MKV. Furthermore, it can add watermark, apply off-the-shelf filters and adjust video color effects such as image brightness, contrast, hue, gamma and saturation. Better still, you can remove or lessen shakiness and noise in GoPro videos, fix fisheye distortion, make GIFs, take snapshots, transform 3D video to 2D or convert video to M3U8 at one click.

GoPro Video Editor

Get Highest Quality Video at Smallest Size

The embedded High-Quality Engine, “Yadif Double Frames” De-interlacing Engine and Auto Copy tech can optimize image quality dynamically, reduce noise and adjust definition to make the output video clearer. Thanks to cutting-edge GPU acceleration and video compression algorithm, the file size of a video with high resolution and bitrate can be reduced largely without compromise in quality at all.

Download Videos, Music, Playlist

With advanced Video Download Engine, it enables you to download any sharp 1080p/4K video (also playlist or channel) and 5.1 surround audio from YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo, SoundCloud etc. over 1000 UGC sites in about 20 sec. You can preset time to record live videos, search subtitles online, add videos to Watch Later Playlist for batch download, etc.

Record Videos from Screen or Webcam

VideoProc allows you to record videos from screen or webcam in standard or full HD 1080p quality in MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS formats. It is a go-to tool to record gameplay, webinars, online courses, and make video tutorials, Vlogs or software reviews for ultimate livestreaming, editing, interaction, uploading and sharing.

Why Use VideoProc to Process GoPro (4K) videos?

Unlike common video compressor that processes video slowly, gets output file even larger than before, or makes resulting content quality awful, VideoProc successfully compresses video fast and easily with perfect balance between size and quality. This is achieved owning to:

• 1. Level-3 GPU acceleration support for video decode/encode/compress/transcode/edit, accelerating video processing speed to a new level; 

• 2. Preset profiles for web, mobile phones, tablets, gaming systems, etc, easing video shrinking process without needing to know settings. 

• 3. Built-in 370+ codecs and formats including the most advanced HEVC, H.264, MPEG-4, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc. 

• 4. Resize video without compromising output quality and ensure 98% quality reservation. 

Take a look at the detailed tutorials below and see how VideoProc performs.

Step-by-step Guide: How to Compress and Convert GoPro Video for Social Sharing  

Step 1: Free download VideoProc on either Mac or Windows as per your need. 
Download VideoProc and get trial license key >> to compress and resize GoPro 4K video size.

Free Download
Step 2: Launch VideoProc; Click Video on the interface to enter into the video compression window. Then load the source video by tapping the + Video button.
VideoProc GoPro Editor
Step 3: Once the program scans the video information, an output profile window pops up asking you to choose the specific.

Select MP4 from the formats menu at the bottom of the interface. Or you can scroll and find the Web Video Profile > YouTube Video > MP4.

Just leave the parameters unchanged, be it bitrate, resolution, frame rate or so, since the VideoProc's development team already preconfigured the settings that ensure the best size-quality ratio. 

Optional: In the profile window, you can move the slider to LQ for fast video encoding/compressing or drag it to HD for high-quality transcoding. 
Best VideoProc GoPro Editor
We know YouTube compresses videos too much, resulting in extremely compromised video quality. For example, it compresses to 2160p with H.264 video at a bit rate equal to 18Mbps and shrinks 1080p video at a bit rate around 2.804 Mbps in order to maintain a smaller file size. But this is achieved at the expense of unbearable quality loss. 

Step 4: Click the cogwheel button on the main interface and tweak the parameter settings according to our suggestion. 
For GoPro 4K video editing:

For YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and other social video sharing, we always limited with the video size, so it’s necessary to edit the 4K video size with VideoProc.

Step 5: Tap on the Edit button to activate the video cropping and trimming features. This is helpful to do some video size reduction to some degree with almost no quality loss. 

To crop the video to remove the black bars and suit YouTube's 16:9 player: Choose Crop & Expand > Enable Crop > Choose Crop Presets:16:9 > click Done.

You can also drag the border at the left of the preview window, or up or down the Left and Top position, or the Width and Height value according to your needs. 

To trim the video to remove the unwanted parts and cut down the file size: Click Trim > Enable Trimming > set the start time and end time as per your needs or drag the slide bar in the preview window >click Done. 
GoPro Editing Software

Step 6: Click RUN to kick off the video processing.

Hardware processing will be enabled automatically for a faster video file compression, if your computer is equipped with Intel® HD graphics GPU or Nvidia NVENC GK107 chip or higher. 
Check the media compression ratio performed by VideoProc (The test result doesn't include trimming or cropping). 

Price and availability

VideoProc Price

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– Startup interface is simple and clean with a modern design.
– Basic editing options like Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. You can also cut, split, rotate, and add text and images to the video files.
– Advanced editing options like adjust Gamma, Hue, Saturation, and Resolution of the video. You can also Flip, Skew, Resample, Zoom the imported video clips and your project video. Moreover, you can add special effects and transitions to your videos to make them look professional.
– Video stabilization tool, Hardware acceleration, and Audio Waveform.
– Create slide shows with images.
– Video capture tool allows you to capture video using the webcam on your PC.
– Screen recorder to capture videos of your screen.
– Best Software to Edit GoPro Video and Compress Video
– 4K video transcoder
– The UI is very clean and easy-to-use, one thing I felt missing in it was Share Option.


VideoProc is a lightweight and reliable video editing tool, that comes packed with a lot of tools and features to help you create professional looking projects easily. It also comes with extra features like video recording with webcam and a screen recorder. The editing UI is cluttered and might be overwhelming for a user with little-to-no editing skills. The application runs smoothly, without any lag or errors. It is definitely worth trying.

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