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Top Media Player to Play Any Video with No Difficulty - 5KPlayer Review

Top Media Player to Play Any Video with No Difficulty - 5KPlayer Review
What elements will you take into account to value a top media player? If you asked a question of “What’s the best media player?” in Quora, Yahoo Answer or other forums, there would be many kinds of players recommended. However one thing won’t change: one of the most mentioned features for people to choose the top media player in their minds is to play everything. Everything here does not really mean everything, but it mainly refers the support of wide range of video music forms and formats. Other factors mentioned are easiness of operation, program performance, as well as multifunction.

In this article we will review you 5KPlayer, been said as one of the top media players on the Internet. From the aspects of playback, operation, performance, and multifunction.
In this article we will give you a review of 5KPlayer, one of the top media players on the Internet, from the aspects of playback, operation, performance and multifunction.

Video Music Playback
From the file associate settings on 5KPlayer, there are quite a lot of video & music formats that are supported by 5KPlayer. These are the formats that 5KPlayer can play announced on the official site. Because of the lack of resources, we do not test all the type of file. It can play almost all the files that we have including general MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WEBM, RMVB, MKV, M2TS, MPG videos and MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WMA audios. You can even just drag and drop some unusual files like DAV video to 5KPlayer, and it will start smooth playing instantly.

Talking about videos these days, it’s hard to ignore the tremendous mention of 4K videos on the Internet. After a test on playing the 4K videos, normal 4K video of H.264 codec is easy to be handled with 5KPlayer on a computer without Integrated graphics. Playing UHD video does require a high configuration computer, it would be much fun to enjoy UHD videos with dedicated graphics. 5KPlayer provides the option to activate Hardware Acceleration for 4K UHD video to swing the load of CPU to GPU, making playback more smoothly.

Easiness of Operation
It is worthy of mentioning that 5KPlayer is very simple for even the most inexperienced users to accommodate themselves in a second. The features are navigated on its main UI that are easy to find and handle by everyone. Following the icon of Video, DVD, Music, Live, YouTube and DLAN/AirPlay, you can get it worked as you wish easily.

From the top of the interface, there are two tabs. The first one is 5KPlayer where you can see the feature icons. The second one is Library where you can manage your media center in a tidy way, from Favorites list, YouTube, DLNA server to Playlists and new customized lists, keeping the record of your downloaded, played, streamed and recorded video by category.         

The installation of 5KPlayer is clean & straightforward. No complex configuration, no other software installed along with it, and there’s option to customize the installation path, “Create a Desktop Shortcut”, and “Add to Quick Launch”.  

The launch of 5KPlayer takes about 1.5s on a Windows 7 computer without GPU. When playing a 60ftp 4K videos, it occupies about 239,000K of the Memory and 29% of CUP with no hardware acceleration. Although 5KPlayer is not as good as the world-known lightest MPC-HC in CPU occupation of 25% when playing such 4K videos, it is slightly better in memory occupation comparing with the 245,000K of MPC-HC.

You can tell from above 5KPlayer UI that it consists of DVD & live radio playback, online video downloading, AirPlay mirroring and DLNA streaming together with playing video music.

AirPlay grants it the ability to mirror iPhone iPad iPod screen to Windows or Mac computer. There’s also another pleasant additions that make this player more useful, say recording of mirrored screen of iOS devices.

DLNA supported 5KPlayer turns itself into a DLNA server, client and controller. DLNA controller is to stream video music from computer to Smart TV, and control the playing status on computer. DLNA client means receiving the video music beemed from Android phone. DLNA server makes other DLNA-certified devices find & play the video music which is added to 5KPlayer DLNA Share list.          

Besides, it works as an online download manager to save video or music from websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.
From the test, 5KPlayer owns the capabilities to be one of the top media players, though it still needs improvement. It is available on both Windows and Mac computer. Directly download it from its official website.  


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