Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Anime Art Lessons | How to Draw Anime

Anime Art Lessons | How to Draw Anime
Learn how to apply the Method by Leonardo DaVinci to improve your drawings.
Anime Art Lessons

What you'll learn
Draw amazing pictures by memory
Improve any past drawings made from a reference
how to get better at drawing
how to draw anime hair
how to draw anime for beginners step by step
how to draw anime

No prior knowledge is required, this course is for Absolute Beginners
Pencil and Paper or Drawing Tablet to practice drawing
For Pencil and Paper, is recommended to print a reference drawing in a film sheet

Are you interested in learning how you can improve your anime drawings?

Maybe you have tried to draw something from a reference but you didn’t get the results you wanted.

Well, in this course you will learn how to improve your drawings by mastering a method that Leonardo Davinci used himself to become amazing in painting.

He would apply this method to perfect his skills so much that the King of France would call for him.

Now, some people say you need to be born with the talent, that is just bull poo.

Our friend Dany GarcĂ­a started with poor drawing skills and she developed.

It took her 5 years to become good, but for you, if you apply what you learn here, you will be able to improve sooner.

Enroll now and learn the Leonardo DaVinci method for improving your drawings.

See you inside.

Who is the target audience?
Beginners who want to improve their drawing skills
People interested in drawing

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