Monday, October 1, 2018

McAfee AntiVirus Plus License Key 2018 [Legally]

McAfee is a big name in the antivirus and malware protection business. They have developed a simple but reliable approach to protecting your PC from malware and corrupted web sites. As it is the case with any antivirus I test, I run it through a couple of benchmarks, my favorite being ICSA Labs before giving it a final hands-on testing buff.
McAfee AntiVirus Plus

At a Glance
McAfee AntiVirus Plus uses a three-tier protection plan. Firs there is a digital signature matching engine that compares new files to known infectious agent. Then there is behavioral monitoring of unknown software. The last and most innovative tier is the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence network that uses millions of computers running McAfee to identify new threats and update its malware database.
Simple and Practical User Interface
McAfee stuck to its traditional uncluttered and reliable user interface when designing McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2016. The interface is clear and simple letting you manage all the devices in your account or run quick scans at the click of a button. This earns it a high usability score that is great news to new users.
ICSA Lab Tests and Hands-On Testing
The ICSA Lab Test results are quite impressive. They way above the average meaning that it will handle most of the daily threats.
On my test PC, McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2016 caught almost 85 percent of the malware I threw at it. The blocking chart did much better by detecting 90 percent of the malware putting it in the same score range as veteran Kaspersky.
Additional Protection Features
Apart from just fighting malware, this antivirus will protect you from internet prevalent attacks and exploits like phishing or the risk of browsing infected websites. Combine this with the robust but simple firewall though not the best, is quite capable at defending intrusion attacks and you get the perfect free cocktail for your personal PC
A bit heavy on the system
McAfee is consumes a good share of resources. It will wear down a system with little or no CPU or RAM to spare.
No so good at malware detection
The malware detection score isn’t satisfactory. I don’t like living with the fact that almost 2 in every 10 malware attacks I get will make it through my defenses.
It might not be the best at catching and removing malware but it is a perfect bargain if you want to deploy it on many PCs as one license will work on countless computers.
To get your free copy of McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017, click here to go to the giveaway page, enter your email address (if you've gotten this before, you will need a new email address), pick a password, and click ACCEPT & CONTINUE and then click PLACE MY ORDER. At the next screen, hit the GET MY TRIAL button. Next, hit DOWNLOAD and you will be given your license key at the next screen. Now download and install McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 and activate it with your license key. Enjoy!
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