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When preparing Share-Online we attached great importance to a simple and fast operation. But this should not be detrimental to the range of functions, wherefore an interesting mixture from features and comfort was created. Premium Accounts 2018 100% Working

In order to convince yourself, we recommend to register directly a free collective account, which does not differ from the premium version in the user area (except for few distinctions). Every user benefits from the long experience of the operators, which is presented by stability and speed as well as by ever new ideas. Usability means to make available for every Upload previously finished forum links, whereby you already see in forum, blog or where you integrate the link code, if the Upload is still online or was already deleted.

We are trying to please every user. Therefore we always assure, that Share-Online is correctly displayed in most popular browsers. In extreme cases or with exotic browsers there can be minor discrepancies due to particularities on the user’s computer. Share-Online was tested on the following browsers (incl. versions under Windows, Mac OS X und *nix): - Internet Explorer v6, v7, v8 - Firefox (ab v1.5) - Safari/Konqueror - Opera (ab v7.x)

We offer you the possibility, to use the control center as it is available for Premium customers, also free of charge by registering for a free and non-binding collective account. Thereby you have (compared to guests) a slightly increased download speed. You can easily manage your uploads, participate in bonus programs, collect points for your downloads or get free Premium Upgrades – and all that for free, even though they say, that you can’t get anything for nothing. If you do not want to use this free account any longer, this will be no problem. 

A termination is not necessary. Just do not log in for a certain time and the account will be deleted from our system. The availability of the files will amount 30 days for this account version, if they are no longer loaded.

Premium Users have the advantage, that they can load simultaneously a few files without waiting periods, layer ads, hourly limits or speed limits. Furthermore you can resume your downloads as Premium User, if you pause the download with a download manager e.g. and want to continue the download the next day (depending on the used Software). It is also important, that your uploads (if you are premium user) become invulnerable, that means, even if they are not downloaded, they will remain on our servers. From 15.02.2010 this unlimited storage period is subject to the following constraints:

storage consumption deleting period for unused data
< 250 GB unlimited
> 250 GB < 500 GB 75 days
> 500 GB < 750 GB 60 days
> 750 GB < 1000 GB 50 days
> 1000 GB < 1500 GB 40 days
> 1500 GB < 3000 GB 30 days

The latest extensions are offered to premium users first. They also get several special functions, which become clear when using.

The System is based on a simple replicable allocation of points. It follows the concept of banner advertisements where an affiliate is payed for instance “per view”, in this case a “view” is a completed download of a file from the service (the smallest counted file size is 10 MB – 10 Mega Bytes).

The participation at this system includes the following rules:
- a freebie user of the service is able to create 6 points per hour (equal to 6 completed downloads)
- a premium user of the service can create 2 points per hour (equal to 2 completed downloads)

Differences to other systems (added after a lot of support requests for this topic):
- there is no 24 hour limitation for an IP address for a started (and may be never completed) download
- premium users are able to create and give points

The worth of a points depends and the own points multiplier which is visible to every user at the profile page. 1000 Downloads a value of 1.00 Euro at a multiplier of 1.0 and a value of 2.50 Euro for a multiplier of 2.5.
The multiplier changes time by time. Existing points are recalculated to the new multiplier without any loss of a cent. New downloads are from this second based on the new multiplier.

Points are additionally applied by the file size of a completely downloaded file:

10-100MB = 1 valid Download = 1 Point
100-1000MB = 1 valid Download = 2 Points
1000-2000MB = 1 valid Download = 4 Points

Share-Online offers his users not only one, but several kinds of bonus and partner programs: Generally a collective access is sufficient for the participation. No program binds to sales figures or includes hidden costs. – Every registered user participates automatically in a system, whereby for every sale (detected by his files) 30% from initial and 20% for recurring payments are credited in points to his account. It couldn’t be easier to earn points - share of sales (also with 30%/20%) can be achieved by partner banner advertisements.

Ever user finds the banners in his user area. – With the program "Pay-Per-Lifetime" you can earn points on the sales of your recruited joint users for all times. Let the recruited users know your user name or your Email address when registering. As soon as a payment for this user was effected, you will get 5% of his payment amount converted to points.

As there are many problems with the understanding of this factor, here the following explanation: If the factor was modified (negative or positive) the current score IS ALWAYS CONVERTED. Points do not get lost, even if the pure score is getting smaller in case of an increase. The exchange value to a real currency (e.g. Euro) results in the same amount after conversion, if new points are more/less worth.

Download status: It is only important, how much you really load!! Perhaps you already know the problem from other providers. You start with a big file, and cancel the download. However the complete file size was settled with your account. At Share-Online things are different.

Here only so much is deducted from the credit, as you really loaded (as guest or free collector, for Premium this is not the case). If you cancel the download of a 100 MB file after 2 MB, only 2 MB will be deducted from the hour balance. Upload Status: If techniques like FTP or a Remote-Upload from other providers are used, you will find an appropriate menu item in your user area, under which the current transfer status is indicated. According to the utilization it may take a while until the files are integrated completely into the system.

A Remote-Upload-Function is available for collective and premium users. Up to 50 Links can be uploaded by HTTP or FTP with full speed of the source without having them on the own hard disk. This function is available as well by the control center as directly during the Upload (only for logged in members!). As extension of the pure Remote Uploader, which transfers data in real time from one server to another, Links of "Rapidshare", "Uploaded" and "Netload" are separately detected and processed in a separate process on extra servers. 

After effected integration the links to the data appear automatically in the user area. A further intervention by the user is not necessary.

For all registered users a FTP-Upload option is provided. The Upload process can be effected by every FTP-Client (also browsers are supported). A FXP-support (Remote-Upload from a second FTP-Server, which loads the data without detours on your computer directly to the Share-Online FTP Server). Particularities when using: - After the upload of the data you have approx. 1 Minute to rename or delete the file. If no intervention takes place, the file will be queued. Subsequently the integration into the system is started. – As soon as the data are integrated, the copy on the FTP Server IS DELETED (!!! This step astonished many users, but is completely normal). – After the effected integration the links to the data appear automatically in the user area. A further intervention of the user is not necessary. Supplement FXP: *nix based routers at the connection of the user can lead to problems. This problem is known to us when a Fritz!Box is used. With these routers the process starts, but the data run on the own computer. 

A remedy for this issue (depending on the used software) is a proxy outside the own network.

As first provider we introduced a Prepaid System. In order to explain the term, here a short description: Prepaid is the credit paid in advance. The particularity of the prepaid function is that you can consume a credit little by little in controlled way. What is it good for? This procedure is suitable especially for infrequent users, who want to effect an advertisement-free, quick download only every couple of days or even weeks, because the access shapes his collective existence at other times. How do I have to pay for it? The prepaid process is activated by redeeming premium-points. How can I top up my credit? There are two options: - Payment by existing premium points or – Points charge similar to a mobile. From a minimal amount of 9.99 Euro the balance can be extended by all available methods of payment. What are the bookable time constraints? Currently we offer 4 different time tariffs: - 1 hour - 3 hours - 9 hours - 15 hours. As soon as the process is started, a clock in the user area starts to count down and informs thus permanently about the remaining period.

All file types are usable (except for PHP in order not to produce security breaches). In packed form, what is the better alternative anyway, even PHP files are realizable. Uploads from Premium Accounts are never deleted. Only if the Premium Account expires and thus become a collective account, the regulations for free access apply.

Guests as well as free collective access get assured by us 500MB per hour. If you load for example 5 MB, you can load in the next hour the remaining 495 MB. If you do not load any other (smaller) files, you can load instead e.g. directly 500 MB and for the remaining hour nothing more. There is no hourly limit for owners of a premium account. But for safety reasons of the operator there is a maximum limit for downloads per day and per week. This step became necessary in order to prevent the continually occurring Account-Sharing or a takeover of Accounts by third parties. All values are intentionally very high, in order to never bring normal users to this stage. 

Every user, who however reaches these values, should think about the necessity or sense of the accumulated quantity of data ;-).
Currently the following values are implemented: 

- 100 GB per day
- 450 GB per week (this limitation will only be reached if multiple day limits were reached what should happend very rarely)

Everyone, who exceeds this limit, must reckon with a reduction of his bandwidth and the maximum connections, until the calculated rate is under both limits again.

This will be possible anytime with a download manager (DLM) of your choice. As every user has his preference, we do not want to express recommendations here. Any download manager, that supports registering for a service via login, is usable for A further criterion should be that the DLM can use the cookies of the Website.

If a Premium Account (paid period) expired, the package would just be reduced to a freeware version. The form of the data will be kept, but files, which are inactive for more than 30 days, will be deleted. You are always times entitled to convert the expired account to a Premium Account.

We assign VIP access and VIP special access are to such users, who participate particularly successfully in our partner program. Precondition for this: collection of at least 200 points per day. The advantage of a so called VIP access is the longer storage of user data, currently 60 days, even for data without downloads. VIP special accesses are exclusively intended for users, who moreover place many sales. The advantage of the so called VIP Special access is the longer storage of user data, currently 75 days, also for data without downloads. This can be effected for example by display of a partner banner or a partner link on the selected Websites. 
By using these options he will be credited 20 % of the sales as bonus. You can find these banners and links in the user area under partner program.

PROOF Premium Accounts 2018 100% Working

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