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PasswordWrench Best Password Manager for Mac/Android/Windows

Passwords need to be secure, distinct, and kept protected. Furthermore, the number of passwords you need to remember is constantly increasing. Self- managing access data for every possible account is therefore no longer an option. With its highly secure encryption.
Almost all password managers work on the principle that you create a master password for access to your vault, and then the password manager fills in individual user IDs and passwords for the sites and apps you use. The negative to this approach is that they need to know your passwords and you are taking a security risk to have your passwords compromised. 


But the pro to use a password manager is that, you do not have to use same password on every app or site. You can give each site or app a different, complex and hard to remember password. There are many password managers available, but not all of them are secure and trustworthy.

PasswordWrench Review

PasswordWrench  provides a new approach to managing passwords without recording them. After all, if you have to reveal your passwords anywhere, they're not secure, so PasswordWrench ensures your login info is safely stored across the platforms you need to access so you never have to click “reveal”. Best of all, it's accessible online via any device so you don't have to install any apps, sync any devices, or anything else complicated.

User Interface

PasswordWrench’s Password Manager comes with a modern looking User Interface, and looks really clean and uncluttered. The UI is well-arranged, providing quick access to all the available features at a click of the button. At the top is the menu bar with the usual drop-down menus. The UI is divided into 8 tabs, namely Dashboard, Settings, My Password Cards, My Passwords, My Shared Passwords, My Messages, Billing Payments and finally Change Plan.

PasswordWrench Plans

Password Manager - Individual Plans
FREE PLAN: - Free with Basics Options
STARTER PLAN: -$1.90/month or $19/year (save $3.80!)
BASIC PLAN: - $2.90/month or $29/year (save $5.80!)
PRO PLAN: - $4.50/month or $45/year (save $9.00!)

Password Manager - Corporate Plans
5 to 25 USERS PLAN: - $3.50/month or $35/year (save $7.00!)
26 to 100 USERS PLAN: - $3.30/month or $33/year (save $6.60!)
101 to 1,000 USERS PLAN: - $3.10/month or $31/year (save $6.20!)
1,000+ USERS: - Contact Support for a quote!

Two-Factor Authentication Plans
Pay As-You-Go:- $5.00/month
Volume 1:- $100.00/month
Volume 2:- $1000.00/month
Custom Plan:- Contact Support for a quote

How It Works

---> Password Manager
1-Generate a Password Card
Generate a Password Card

Create a randomly generated, unique grid of 16 x 16 or 16 x 34 characters and assign your Password Card a name, such as “Banking” or "Emails".
PasswordWrench uses a special font to avoid the common issue of look-alike characters such as the letter “O” versus the number "0".

2-Build a Secure Password
Build a Secure Password

Use Password Card to create a unique, intricate password(s) for any login. You can click on a row, a column, click on random characters and/or draw images on your Password Card that are easy to remember. Or let PasswordWrench generate a random password for you. While you are making those clicks and selections, the application can construct the password automatically as an option and you can simply add few characters to it to increase security. PasswordWrench has many features for convenience and for the experts as well. We never know, you could be in an environment where security is paramount and they offer an option called stealth mode.

3-Remember with a Password Hint
Remember with a Password Hint

PasswordWrench never records your actual password(s). Instead, our Hint system helps you remember your passwords. This keeps your passwords safe and brings your security to a much higher level than any other password management systems.

4-Print and/or download Your Password Card
Print and/or download Your Password Card

The cards are printable and downloadable. When printed, they are the size of a credit card so it fits perfectly in your wallet for offline retrieval. Printed cards are great for use when you’re not connected, or cannot have any devices with you. The digital images are easy to use when you want everything handy in your mobile device.

---> Two-Factor Authentication Service
1-Your Customer generates a Password Card
Your Customer generates a Password Card

Our service instantly creates a randomly generated, unique grid
of 16 x 16 or 16 x 34 characters.
These cards are printable and/or downloadable, and are
the size of a credit card so they fit perfectly in your
customers' wallets.

2-You generate a random PIN
You generate a random PIN

Using our API, a random PIN is generated that is usable by your customer’s unique Password Card. You can set how many PIN characters are required.

3-Your Customer Enters the PIN
Your Customer Enters the PIN

Your customers use their Password Card to match the position of the characters and enter the correct characters, similar to a Bingo game.

4-PIN Validation
PIN Validation

Using our API, you validate the characters provided by your customer.
That’s it! No waiting on an SMS text that may or may not arrive, no reliance on unsecure third-party systems, no costly digital PIN devices you must buy and ship to customers. Instant, safe, and easy! 

How to Two-Factor Authentication Service Works ? 
Want to know why PasswordWrench's 2-Factor Authentication Service works?
Watch this short overview.

-Available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS....
-modern looking User Interface
-You do not have to remember user names and passwords to login to your favorite sites any more. The application does that for you
-Password generator can be used to generate strong and unique passwords.
-Password strength meter shows you how strong the password is
-Ability to share passwords and login information securely
-Backup and sync passwords across all browsers and devices.
-Import and export stored data
-Password Assistant
-Powerful Password Manager
-Quick tutorial

-Interface can be a bit confusing, especially for new users.

Why PasswordWrench is the best password manager solution available?

How The Password Assistant Works ?

PasswordWrench is a Powerful yet reliable password manager application. It can be difficult to use and understand at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you won’t be having any issues. It’s the best choice in the market for Individual and Enterprise to store,manage and protect Passwords. It is worth trying.

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