Tuesday, December 11, 2018

BricsCAD Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

Computer Aided Designs (CAD) are a great way to visualize something before you can turn it into reality. There isn’t a place where they come in handier that when doing 3D designs from scratch or editing what you already have. BricsCAD is an all-in-one computer-aided design (CAD) software that combines 3D modeling and 2D CAD for .dwg Format.

It’s a popular platform that provides all .dwg 2D CAD features while bringing the convenience of the powerful 3D modeling and time-saving tools. The program is expertly crafted with engineers in mind to support efficient execution of all projects.


Simple and Customizable User Interface
 BricsCAD comes with a modern looking User Interface and looks really clean and uncluttered. The UI is well-arranged, providing quick access to all the available features at a click of the button. The interface; context menus, ribbons, workspace arrangements make both very customizable. Predefined tool palettes, industry-standard commands, and visual menus make the workspace manageable and navigable. 

Compatibility & Integration 
The drafting tool is definitely the most popular one. Fast, reliable and precise. In the architectural work, it's great for making quick underlays for further 3D processing in BIM software. The 3D modeling is quite complex with all the coordinate system setup but BricsCAD is very good at creating models from technical documentation.

Lower price and Great Support
 Low price and Low training cost the price for BricsCAD Platinum is US$ 1020 as a perpetual license. US$ 1220 with subscriptions. The video tutorials, eBook and other resources that provide support for this software are comprehensive and first-rate. 

Perfect Performance 
BricsCAD performance is good. I can open a complex drawing pretty smoothly. It’s reasonably faster than AutoCAD 2017. I can see it’s not responding for a few seconds in several drawings, but it’s acceptable. BricsCAD didn’t crash.

BricsCAD is available for :
And soon for other Platforms

Sufficient Prototyping Tools 
The drawing tools, texturing and coloring features are more than enough for basic to mid-range projects. The upper toolbar gives you access to lines and geometric shapes that are the basis of most designs. This couples with a wide range of regional editing, viewpoint and 3D effect editing features that gave me mostly all I needed to finish up my test office table design. 

 Rich of Features and Tools 
Offers a set of work tools that guarantee a professional quality work, allows users to design a series of details in the plans and objects necessary for the execution of work.

Flexible and Intuitive 
You can sit with a book and teach yourself enough of the capabilities of this product to get a job. It is intuitive and flexible. You can customize the product to meet your specific needs. It can do just about anything you need it to. There are capabilities that advance users can access that don't get in the way of other users. 

A Relatively Straight Learning Curve 
I am new to 3D prototyping and it didn’t get me long before I had mastered most of the basic controls. This is thanks to the simplistic approach to controls and the comprehensive offline help file that will guide you through the steps. You might need minutes to acclimate yourself to BricsCAD but the learning process is quicker and more appropriate for casual prototypes.

 Some features available in other CAD programs are missing and can be regularly missed by users that have experience with both. That there isn't a free viewing version that you can provide to recipients, (like Adobe Reader) so if your recipient doesn't have a CAD program you have to supply in PDF form where a lot of the information can be lost, and also the 3rd party applications are limited. But Globally it’s great compared to others CAD software’s

BricsCAD Features 
 +++ 3D modeling 
 +++ Intelligent quad cursor 
 +++ Settings manager 
 +++ Drawing Explorer
 +++ Dock able panel 
 +++ Layers & content browser
 +++ Web map services 
 +++ Dynamic arrays 
 +++ Annotative scales 
 +++ Dynamic dimensions

BricsCAD Pricing Plans 
BricsCAD’s enterprise pricing model has three editions with the following inclusions: 

BricsCAD Classic – $590 
 +++ All familiar CAD functionalities 
 +++ Full LISP support
 +++ BricsCAD 24/7 cloud connectivity 
 +++ Flexible licensing

BricsCAD Pro – $750 
 +++ Everything in Classic 
 +++ Direct 3D modeling 
 +++ Rendering, materials, and lighting 
 +++ Access to third-party applications 

 BricsCAD Platinum – $1110 
 +++ Everything in Pro 
 +++ 3D constraint creation 
 +++ Assembly modeling 
 +++ Deform able modeling 
 +++ 3D compares

Supported Devices 
 +++ Linux 
 +++ Mac 

BricsCAD is a great CAD tool that will handle most of the small, medium to Large designs and give you an idea of what you are going to build perfectly. You might have trouble when presenting concepts to management or when sharing with other designers who use different prototyping tools, this application is definitely worth trying out. 

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