Monday, December 31, 2018

Ability Office License Key [Legally] | Ability Office 8 Review

In computing, an office suite is a collection of productivity software usually containing a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation program. Everyone needs reliable office software, no matter if they are going to use it at home, office, schools or somewhere else. There are many office suites available, of which the most popular ones are Microsoft Office and Google Docs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all other office suites are terrible.

Ability Office is a lightweight office suite application, that comes with all the basic functionalities plus some added options that not all other similar suites offer. The small size compared to others, makes it suitable to run on the slower computers too.
Installation & Set-up
The download size is ~98MB, which might require a stable and fast internet connection. The installation process is simple and straightforward and takes only a few minutes to complete. After the installation, you can see three new icons on your desktop, namely Ability Write, Ability Spreadsheet, and Ability Presentation. You can launch any one of these, and then activate the application using the serial code and your email. Once that is done, you can start using application straightaway. You can also launch the Ability Launcher, this stays in the system menu, clicking it you can access all the options from the context menu.
User Interface
The UI of the application makes you feel like it’s the older version of Microsoft Office. There is almost no difference in the UI, and it looks like a copy of the Microsoft Office. This can be good for users who are familiar with the arrangement of Microsoft Office, but it makes the software a copy with no originality.
Ability Write is the application to deal with Word format files and presents an overall similar look to Microsoft Word with a few minor changes here and there. Ability Spreadsheets is the one that lets you work with spreadsheets and works like Microsoft Excel, whereas the Ability Presentation is for presentations and is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
Along with all the basic office functions like dealing with word files, spreadsheets, and creating presentations. This suite comes with Ability Photo album too. This application is a photo viewer that allows you to perform a few basic editing tasks too. You can crop, mark, resize, mirror, and rotate images, with also the ability to view them as a slideshow.
– Easy-to-use UI
– Comes with all the powerful tools to deal with word files, spreadsheets, and presentations.
– Save documents in common formats including the ability to save as PDF.
– The photo album is a handy edition and allows basic editing.
– Documents can be saved to Dropbox cloud.
– It is many times cheaper than other Office suite applications.
– Supports Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
– Lacks originality, looks like a clone of Microsoft Office.
– Ability Write does not show word count at the bottom.
– It lags and slows down when typing in fast.
Ability Office is an office suite that works well overall, it’s cheap price tag and the fact that it is lightweight makes it suitable for many types of users. The applications UI is a clone of Microsoft Office, but all the functions and options work well. It is definitely worth trying.
License key: F24HX-42G7C

The download link for Ability Office is given to you above. Your license key for Ability Office is also given above. Download and install Ability Office. Once installed, run any of the various components of Ability Office (e.g. Ability Write) and you will be asked to register it with your license key the first time you run it. Simply register it there and all of Ability Office's components will be registered. Enjoy!

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