Tuesday, December 25, 2018

CrococryptMirror Pro Review 2019

Encryption is the process of changing information in such a way as to make it unreadable by anyone except those possessing special knowledge (usually referred to as a “key”) that allows them to change the information back to its original, readable form. Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect data that you don’t want anyone else to have access to. 
CrococryptMirror Pro

Nowadays, it is a must for all types of users from individuals at home to those related to businesses, as it is the most effective way to achieve data security. There are many applications available that allow you to encrypt/decrypt data, some of them are too complex, while others are too simple and lack important features.
CrococryptMirror Pro is an application which combines the likes of a backup and encryption tool, in one simple and easy to use application. It allows you to encrypt your files and folders by mirroring your data to encrypted containers on storage devices.

Installation & Set-up

The installer size is ~30MB and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. The installer comes with a built-in registration, and the application provided here is automatically registered on installation. When launched for the first time, it takes you through key file creation process and guides you. Once you enter the password, a key file is created and the main UI launches, you can then start using the application. The password you enter is throne you will need to access the encrypted data.

User Interface

The UI of the application is simple and straightforward, designed to be easy to use for all types of users. It is divided into three sections, named Containers, Files, and Info. You can easily create a container, by selecting a source folder and then by choosing a name for the container in the desired storage. You can see all your containers in these sections and can switch the sync ON/OFF, decrypt the container, manual sync, remove, and open the folder in explorer. The files section lets you change the folder for storage of key files and also change the password of the key file. The info section contains information about the developer, the application, license, and some links to 3rd party application that are used or integrated within this application.


– Clean and easy to use UI.
– Industry standard algorithms AES-256 and Twofish-256 are used for encryption.
– Keyfile used is also secured using PKCS#5/PBKDF2.
– Encryption of file content, filenames, file metadata.
– Create secure incremental/iterative backups on USB, Network or Cloud.
– Comes with a portable version, that is ready to be used whenever.


– Does not offer any advanced features or any type of configurations.


CrococryptMirror Pro is a simple yet powerful and reliable application, that can help you protect and backup your data without much hassle. The application runs smoothly, without any or crashes. It is definitely recommended.

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