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How to Make Professional PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint "how to make a powerpoint presentation interesting and professional"
PowerPoint Mastery: Step Up your PowerPoint Skills learn which Font, Pictures, Animation, Slide Transitions, and Many Tips
Make a Professional Presentation

What you'll learn
At the end of this course, you will be able to Create a professional PowerPoint presentation by:
Using Consistency
Using The Right Font Size, Type, and Format
Using bullet-ed Lists and Numbered Lists
Using Contrast
Using Pictures, Sounds, Transitions, Graphs, and Animation

Have Ms. Office installed
Know how to use basic power point

How To Create A Professional Presentation

Note: The testimonials are taken from my other course "Let Me Google That For You"

This course is an attempt to increase your Visual Literacy, at the end of this course you will be able to create a professional presentation, where you will be able to design a professionally sound PowerPoint Presentation , this course is meant for students who know how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation , but they need more tips and techniques to reach mastery, during this course I will show you many ideas, and give you tips how to make your presentation look like it was created by a professional, how it will capture the attention of your audience by covering the following topics :

Why Do We Use PowerPoint? Chapter Two will cover why PowerPoint is used? It's is used because PowerPoint is easy to learn, accessible, flexible, easy to read, the slides are reusable, and it is powerful

Planning: In Chapter Three, you will learn how to plan the presentation by discussing a planning template, the template should include: how many minutes you will spend on each slide, what to write on each slide, what to say when presenting each slide, and which resources are needed for each slide.

Consistency: you will learn in Chapter Four how to make the following elements consistent in your presentation: text, color, layout, theme images, and formatting, then you will learn how to do that using Slide Master in Chapter Five.

Font: In Chapter Six you will learn what type of Font to use, what size of Font, and which type of Format of Font to use.

KIS (Keep IT Simple): In Chapter Seven, you will learn how to keep your presentation simple by not using many types, and colors of Font, in addition to that you will learn the 6X7 rule, what case of Font to use and when to use colored text.

Lists: In Chapter Eight you will learn the difference between bulleted and numbered lists, when and how to use them.

Contrast: in Chapter Nine, you will learn how to use Contrast to make your Presentation readable and the Color Wheel is discussed briefly.

Pictures, Sounds, and Transitions: In Chapter Ten, you will learn which type of pictures to use in your Presentation, how to use sounds, and transitions, then you will learn how to handle pictures when inserting them into your slides.

Tips and Graphs: In Chapter Eleven you will learn how to create a professional Graph step by step, you will also learn how to make your screen black or white, and why do you need to do that? then you will learn how to hide the mouse pointer? when to use handouts, PowerPoint notes and how to print them.

Summary: In Chapter Twelve, you will get a quick summary of the whole course,

Assessment: At the end, you will have an assessment to measure the knowledge that you have gained during the course.

25% of All Course Revenue will be donated to Syrian Refugees  

Who this course is for:
This course is meant for students who already know how to create a basic presentation using at least one presentation software like powerpoint.


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