Monday, December 17, 2018

New Scandal for Facebook: a New Flaw Revealed Images of more than 6.8 Million Users

FRIDAY MORNING, FACEBOOK disclosed the latest in an ongoing series of privacy and security lapses that have come to define the company in 2018. The Facebook team reported an API bug that opened a major security breach, giving permission to third-party applications to access images that users did not agree with: 
"We currently believe that this flaw could have affected 6.8 million users and up to 1,500 applications created by 876 developers." We have analyzed the problem, but because of this flaw, it is possible that some third-party applications have managed to access a wide range of Photos more than usual for 12 days, from 13 September to 25 September 2018. " 

There are two aspects to keep in mind that this problem specifically affects those applications that are enabled for the Facebook image API and users who have declared the dynamics they propose, giving them access to certain images of their accounts. 
Facebook image API
The normal operation of the Image API, which Facebook provides to application developers, lets you view the functionality associated with the images shared in the accounts wall in general. However, this error has also resulted in developers having access to the images shared in the stories, even those uploaded to Facebook but not yet completed by users. 
Facebook is currently planning to launch tools for affected developers and send notices to infected users whose images have been accessed in the next few days.

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