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WinX MediaTrans - Best iPhone Files Transfer on Windows (Without iTunes)

WinX MediaTrans - Best iPhone Files Transfer on Windows (Without iTunes)
Though very few doubt iTunes as a top-notch media player, most iOS users blast the app for being not so good iPhone management tool. Fortunately, gone were the times when you had to heavily depend on iTunes for managing your device. With the arrival of several iTunes alternatives like WinX MediaTrans, you can take control of your device and the entire data more efficiently than ever before.

To put it straight, there are quite a few well-thought features that make WinX MediaTrans stand out. Among several neat functionalities that have instantly caught my eyes is the ability to let you transfer photos, videos and contacts from iPhone to the computer with encryption with blazing fast speed. So, if you have to move tons of data to your iOS device from your Mac or Windows PC or vice-versa, this is exactly what you should use to get your work done with the desired flair.
Best iPhone Files Transfer on Windows (Without iTunes)

Installation & Set-up
The installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. After the installation the application takes small space. Launching it for the first time, the application can easily be registered and activated for use, by entering the registration code. Once done, you can start using the application to recover your precious data.

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At a Glance
The app opens in a small window, that doesn’t fill up the entire screen, and offers no way to go into a full screen mode; not that you need it to. The features offered by the app are laid out in a grid layout, with a large title that reads “WinX MediaTrans”, below which you will find some basic details about the device connected to the computer. Over all, the interface is not very appealing, but it’s definitely not a bad interface. The options are very clearly laid out, and the feature names are very self-explanatory.
WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans Pros:

--- You don’t need iTunes anymore.
--- Transfer iPhone 4K photos to PC very fast.
--- Offers a ton of features including media management, remove DRMbackup & restore, files encryption and more.
--- Easy to use
--- Works every time
--- Awesome backup and restore feature

WinX MediaTrans Cons:
---Not at All

WinX MediaTrans Features

Back Up and Restore Your iOS Device More Conveniently
Backing up your iPhone is a breeze with this software. You can quickly back up your photos, music, files, voice memos, and more. When we use iTunes to sync iPhone files to PC, generally, we need to sync all files, but WinX MediaTrans enables us to selectively sync iPhone files to PC.

To offer an additional safeguard to your data, you can choose to make an encrypted backup. As compared to iTunes, it sails through the entire process a bit more rapidly.
If you use Apple’s mobile device management tool and no longer want to bear with the slightly complex process, this tool can be of great help to you. Here are more difference between iTunes and WinX MediaTrans.

Excellent Media Manager
Another notable feature of this tool is the capability to be a perfect media manager. You can quickly move your photos and videos between your iOS device and computer.
With the lightning fast transfer speed to boot, managing media is such a painless experience with the app.
You can easily select the photos you don’t want to keep on your device any longer and delete them all with just one click. There is also an option to archive your album.

Customize Your Music Library as Desired
You can customize your music library to your best liking. It lets you import/export any songs between PC and iDevice.
You can create playlists, ringtones and be able to edit artists as well as album info.
It enables you to convert music to MP3/AAC automatically.

Using drag & drop feature, you will be able to move songs without any hassle. You can add, export and make iPhone ringtones and even transfer Voice Memos with the essential convenience.
There is an immensely user-friendly batch mode to make the task of editing playlists, album names and information more smooth-sailing. It helps you not just carry out the task more expediently but also save plenty of valuable time.
Music Library as Desired
Flash Drive
Another cool feature that WinX MediaTrans offers is the ability to use your iPhone/iPad as a flash drive. This means that you can use your iPhone to store files and folders, much like a flash drive. The only problem with this is that iPhones don’t offer a file manager interface, so you can’t access the stored folders on your iPhone. But you can use the iPhone as a flash drive on any other computer that has the WinX MediaTrans software installed. Desperate times, I suppose, are when this feature might prove useful, but it’s definitely a cool idea. Jailbroken devices can probably make better use of this feature than non-jailbroken devices.

WinX MediaTrans

Price and Availability
You can try out the giveaway version of MediaTrans to test the functionality before switching to the premium version. There are three premium versions of this software: 1-year license for one PC is originally priced at $39.95, but currently, it’s available at $29.95. The lifetime license for 2 PCs come at $35.95 (originally priced $59.95), while the lifetime family license for 6 PCs is available for $65.95 (originally priced $119.95.)


After using the software extensively for the past few days, I can recommend it to everyone owning an iOS device. WinX MediaTrans has you covered from all fronts. The software is endowed with all the features in its arsenal to let you manage your iPhone with more flexibility.

Whether it’s lightning fast transfer speed, backing your device more efficiently or taking control of media, it should ideally stand up to your expectation. Moreover, the addition of some top-of-the-line features like Photo converter, creating a converting video put it in the altogether different league.

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