Monday, February 25, 2019

Management Consulting Careers: Business Consulting Training

Management Consulting Careers: Business Consulting Training
Management Consulting Careers: Business Consulting Training

How to become a management consultant: Management consulting certification: Graduate Business consulting careers

What you'll learn
What management consulting is and what a management consultant does
How the management consulting industry works
The pros and cons of being a management consultant
What consultants earn around the world
How to fast track your career
Which are the best firms to work for
Graduate consulting career advice
How to become a management consultant

A computer with speakers
An interest in the consulting industry

An honest guide for students

This course helps you consider:

(a) if you should become a management consultant

(b) which types of firms you should (and shouldn't) work in

(c) what you should expect in terms of work, pay and job satisfaction

(d) key tips and insights to boost your career and pay

It provides crucial information about the consulting industry which will also be useful in interviews, as well as helping you decide if it is the industry for you.

Dr. Joe  O'Mahoney is a Professor of Management Consulting and leading authority on the consulting industry. He has taught over 1500 MBA students about the industry and provides consulting career workshops all over the world. His teaching has won a national prize from the British Academy of Management.

Joe has worked for, advised, or worked with, all the major consultancies in the world. He has worked as a corporate consultant with big firms, an independent consultant, and as an internal consultant. His textbook 'Management Consulting' with Oxford University Press was the best selling book on consulting last year. He has worked with or for all the major consulting institutes including the Institute of Consulting, the IMCUSA, and the MCA.

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Who this course is for:
Final year undergraduates interested in becoming a business consultant
Postgraduates who want to become a management consultant
MBA students interested in business consulting certification


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