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BMCleaner - Full Application Source Code

BMcleaner is a simple software to help you to clean your PC Safely, BMCleaner Offer You Simple info about your PC from the Top Label
BMCleaner - Full Application Source Code

In BMCleaner you have 5 Tools


2-Registry Cleaner


4-Tools (Uninstaller – Empty Shortcut Remover – Duplicate File Detector – Startup Manager – System Files types)


===== Cleaner =====

Windows Tab

Windows Explorer

Recent Document’s

Run in Start Menu

Windows Explorer Typed Paths

Thumbnail Cache


Empty Recycle Bin

Temporary Files


Memory Dumps

Windows Log Files

Windows Error Reporting

Desktop Shortcut

Start Menu Shortcut

DNS Cache

Font Cache



Windows Events log

Prefetched Data

Tray Notifications Cache

IIS Log Files

Windows Size/location Cache

Applications Tab

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Cache

Internet History



Download History

Saved Passwords

Google Chrome

Internet Cache

Internet History



Download History

Saved Passwords


Opera Browser

Internet Cache

Internet History



Download History

Saved Passwords


Windows Defender

Avast Antivirus


Windows Application

MS Search

On each Step, you have 3 options: Check All /Uncheck All /Default

When Firefox or chrome or opera is running when you start Scan/Clean Process, Warning Message will be shown

After Finishing Scan or Clean, Table will be shown with Scan/Clean Details

You can Also View Deleted/Will be Deleted Files from Link inside Scan/Clean BTN


===== Registry =====

On these Tools, you can find 6 Options to Scan

a.       Unused File Extension

b.       Run as Startup

c.       Application Paths

d.       Obsolete Applications

e.       Mui Cache

f.        Uninstaller

When Scan is Finished All Problem Will be Listed with Details

To Fix This Problem you must Click Fix Selected

===== Speed Up =====

On this Tools, we give you Some options to Speed up your pc

Automatically this tool scans each option if is already optimized and give you only no optimized options

===== Tools =====

a. Empty Shortcut Remover

On this Tool, you choose a Folder to scan

and All Empty or Invalid Shortcut Will Be Listed and You Can Delete it.

b. Uninstaller

On this Tools, All Installed Software Will be listed and you can Uninstall anyone just by clicking on UNINSTALL Button or you can save this list to TXT File

c. Startup Manager

You Find all Software that Launches when Computer Start you remove any one or

Add Yours’s

d. Duplicate Files Detector

On this, You choose a Folder to Scan

and All Duplicate Files with (Name or Size or Name && Size) will be listed you can remove anyone you want

e. System Files types

On this tool, All Used Files Extensions Will Listed

===== Options =====

On this Tools, you Find all Settings for BMCleaner

You can Run BMCleaner When Computer Start

You can Close BMCleaner after cleaning

You can Shutdown PC after Cleaning

You can Add Folders or Files to Empty or Delete him when Cleaning Process Start

BMCleaner Features

* Fast & Safe
Simple user interface
Many Tools for Windows


* .Net framework 4,5

 Download BMCleaner

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