Monday, April 1, 2019

Cyber Security - Steps to Prevent Web Hacker Full Course

Cyber Security - Steps to prevent web hacker.
In-depth Strategies for Protection Online
Cyber Security - Steps to prevent web hacker.

What you'll learn
The students will learn preventive steps and tips to avoid being compromised
Work on having a secure online banking strategy
Looking at the process of social engineering
Learn what to look out for with Phishing attacks
Help to prevent identify theft
Create a list of best practices for online transactions.

A computer and the willingness to adapt to having a secure device

This course is for everyone who uses a computer. With cybercriminals lurking and almost invisible until you are someone you know have been affected. Just like most crimes you still have the upper hand. With computers, you have to be educated about the tricks that will appear. It’s like you’re sitting in front of your door that you open and close, you can see who comes through it. And you have control over when to open it. Likewise, you control who is allowed to enter your computer. Are you leaving the door to your computer open?. The tactic of Social Engineering and the many phishing and spoofing tricks can be rebutted. This course is designed to perk up your eye and so to not fall for the scams of the perpetrators.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who doesn't want to be duped into being hacked
Someone who wants to do smart things to prevent being hacked


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