Monday, April 1, 2019

Full Cryptocurrency Course: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain

Full Cryptocurrency Course: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain
The perfect course for beginners and great for those already experienced with the basics
Full Cryptocurrency Course: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain

What you'll learn
My course will take you from beginner to being able to confidently buy, send, store, and invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well as give you all of the tools you need to make your own decisions.

Have a passion for learning about cryptocurrency

This course will cover the following topics in order to help you take charge of your Bitcoin crypto investing.

1 - What is Bitcoin? 
2 - How to Buy, Send, & Store Bitcoin 
3 - Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets 
4 - Ledger Nano Tutorial 
5 - What is Ethereum?
6 - MyEtherWallet Tutorial 
7 - Finance Tutorial - how to use an exchange
8 - Kyber Swap Tutorial - how to use a decentralized exchange 
9 - Index Tutorial  - how to use a decentralized exchange 
10 - Technical Analysis - key indicators for successful investing 
11 - Fundamental Analysis - learn how to find good projects 
12 - Top 15 Tips - must-know information
13 - How to Use CoinMarketCap & Coingecko for research
14 - How to Make a Portfolio 
15 - Mining & Staking - What are they and how do they work 
16 - How to get FREE Crypto & Earn Crypto 
17 - Understanding ICOs 
18 - Accept Crypto For Businesses 
19 - Master Your Head Game to be a successful investor
20 - Mistakes to Avoid when investing in crypto 
21 - Top Resources

Who this course is for:
Those new to crypto investing and those looking to further their knowledge.

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