Tuesday, July 9, 2019

1Tree Pro Free License Key | 1Tree Pro Review 2019

Hard disks on our computers get filled up by junk and unnecessary data everyday. It contains leftovers from the uninstalled application, application installers, other useless downloaded data, and a lot more. 
1Tree Pro

Disk cleaning and file management are not easy tasks, it takes a lot of effort to browse through directories moving, deleting, copying files. There are many software applications available, each with a bit different approach to help with this issue. 1Tree Pro is a lightweight and easy-to-use application, that allows users to view all their drives, folders and files on their computers in a single tree view. 

With this tool, you can easily explore your hard drives and manage the files and folders, by moving, copying or permanently deleting them.

Installation & Set-up

The installer of the application is only 335KB in size, and the installation process is simple and straightforward, taking no time at all to complete. After launching it for the first time, the application scans and computes resources sizes. After its done with it, you can easily enter your license code to activate the Pro version.

User Interface

The application comes with simple interface, that is well organized, making it easy to use for all types of users. The UI is divided into two sections in the middle, the left-side shows a clear tree view of drives, directories, and folders. The toolbar at the top has buttons that let you reload resources and rename, copy path, run, view properties, delete, permanently delete, copy, and move files and folders. There are buttons to activate or view license info, open help, and change language too. Moreover, you can change the font, toolbar location and data separator symbol.


Being a small and lightweight application, 1Tree Pro does not come packed with a plethora of features and tools. It comes with just the right amount of tools and functionality to provide you full control over all items, and make the disk cleaning and file management tasks easier to perform manually. You can sort the items by size (descending order) to highlight the most resource hogging folder and files. You can also perform all the basic file/folder tasks in batch mode. You can select multiple items together, then copy, delete, permanently delete, rename, and move them. Moreover, you can launch or run the selected item, as well as view its properties too.


* Clean & Intuitive UI
Sort by size
Can perform all the basic file/folder actions
Ability to customize UI and change language
Double-click open up the folder or directory in Windows Explorer


A little bit sluggish
This directory viewer showed some slow performance on some occasions. It took time to load when the drive I wanted to view contained lots of single files that were not organized inside folders.

1Tree Pro Download Link


The download link for 1Tree Pro is given to you above. Download and install 1Tree Pro. After installation, run it and register it with the following:

DMZ Networks Exclusive license key: TOTP-ZGDZ-SGZS-ZLLL

To register 1Tree Pro, click the KEY icon -> INPUT LICENSE KEY from within the program. If you got this program in a prior giveaway, you may not need to register because it will accept the old registration. Enjoy!


1Tree Pro is a simple application, that can be really helpful to those looking to clean their disk drives manually. With batch support, and all the basic file/folder actions, this application makes file management and disk cleaning an easy task. The application runs smoothly, without running into any errors or crashes.

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