Tuesday, July 16, 2019

reaConverter 7 Pro License Key | reaConverter 7 Review

reaConverter 7 is a powerful Windows utility software application designed to batch-edit as well as batch-convert images to many other formats. It supports conversion to more than 500 file formats and editing includes options like resizing, rotate, crop, and color adjustment etc. The installer size is ~173 MB and the installation process is pretty straightforward and simple. After launching it, you can straightaway start adding images and folders to it and convert or edit them.


Simple & Clean UI The UI of this application is plain and simple, and the options are arranged in 3 tabs, namely ‘Files and Folders’, ‘Edit Images’, and ‘Saving Options’. You just have to add files, choose the desired editing and format, choose the desired output location, and press ‘Start’ button. This simple design makes it possible for even novices to understand and use this software easily.

Conversion & Editing options According to the developer, this tool supports upto 500 file formats, including vector images, regular images, and CAD images. Conversion process does not take much time at all, and you can batch convert multiple files together.

This tool also comes with handy editing options, and let’s you resize, rotate, mirror and crop images, add borders and shadows, remove noise and convert to black and white. It also contains great effects to give your images a better look. Moreover, you can add image or text watermark, this can come in handy if you want to watermark your images before uploading them online.

Image Preview & more useful options This tool let’s you preview how your images will look after applying a certain effect. This can come in-handy, as you can decide what looks the best on your images. You can even zoom in/out the preview image to have a detailed look.

This tool also let’s you configure format settings like quality, color model, animation delay time, compression level. You can also save the format saving setting, run a scheduler, add ReaConverter entry in the context menu, set the transparency color, change the interface language, and a lot more.


System resource usage is high During conversions with added effects, it does use a lot of system resources and makes the system a bit laggy. It does not freeze the system or anything like that, but it does get slow as this tool is hogging the resources available.

Slower than other Image converters This tool takes around 10-20 seconds to process and convert a single image, which is a lot compared to other converters which take only around 5 seconds to get the job done. if you have to convert single images, that might not be a problem for you, but for those who batch process images the difference in time taken is a lot.

How to Get reaConverter 7 for Free

Download reaConverter Pro Free

Email: [email protected]

The download link for reaConverter 7.5 is given to you above. Your license key and registration email for reaConverter 7.5 is also given above. Download and install reaConverter 7.5. After install, run reaConverter 7.5 and register it with given email address and license key. You can register by going to MENU -> ACTIVATE from within the main program window. Enjoy!


reaConverter 7 is a powerful and reliable utility, designed to help you convert and edit your images in batch. Even using high amount of system resources, the overall experience with this tool is decent. It is easy-to-use, supports a lot of formats and editing options, and many other options too.

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